Wednesday, July 23, 2014

We've been living...

Oh my goodness...I feel like a scattered mess because I am so behind on "documenting" things for the kids. I let myself feel that way sometimes, and then I realize that we are busy having fun and making memories, and that is what matters! I haven't turned on my computer in over a month, and I had over 1,000 pictures to upload from my iPhone. I want to be better about blogging more often, but Instagram makes things so easy, and I don't take time to sit down very often anymore.  OH WELL. My children are loved, and that's all I ever want them to know. :)
So, here are a few things we've been doing this past very random order.
Landry is still busy being her daddy's biggest fan. I mean, seriously, these two...

We got two kittens...Selena and Beebow (named by the kids). They are adorable outside kitties, and the kids are obsessed!

Mornings are my favorite, and I love the days where we can move slow and stay in our pj's a little bit longer.

Collier wants everything Landry has {period}. Doesn't matter what it is.

 I still have the sweetest and cutest kids ever...I don't see that changing.
Landry mothers Bretton constantly. She was teaching him to brush his "sugar bugs" the other night. :)

Bretton has joined the family band and enjoys playing the drums while I fix dinner.

We survived the Fourth of July...the toddlers ran with fire and everything!

And we have been swimming a lot. Landry is doing great with no floaties, and Collier jumps in without them even though we tell him he can't swim. He says, "yes I can!" as he jumps in and sinks. He does not lack confidence, that's for sure!
Loving these sweet babies of ours. Loving these busy, hectic days.
Hope you are enjoying yours!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

June Family Fun Trip

Even though I haven't been documenting, we have been keeping up with our family fun outings each month. For June, we went to St. Louis for a long weekend, and we had a blast! We crammed a lot in, but the kids loved spending intentional time together and trying some new things!
Our kids are good travelers...thank goodness!

Bretton got sick (really, for the first time) the first night we were there. He was awake every.single.hour, and that made for a long day the next day. Luckily, it was only a 12ish hour virus and passed quickly. Let's just say, I'm glad I didn't have to wash all the sheets and towels we went through. Poor boy! 

We took the kids to Grant's Farm. It was our first time going, and they really enjoyed it! Feeding the goats with baby bottles was a hit!

The next day, we went to the Botanical Garden. That was a little bit of torture for Landry because she wants to pick every flower that she sees. :) They loved feeding the fish and seeing the Lego exhibits.
Some of our best friends live in St. Louis, and they joined us for a lot of our outings. It was so fun!

The last night, we went to Circus Flora. It's a local St. Louis Circus, and it was great! It was small and cute and not overwhelming for the kids at all. Landry had cotton candy for the first time, and she was a fan!

When we checked in the hotel, the kids kept asking if we were going to live there. When we checked out on Sunday, Landry told someone at breakfast (in a super sad voice) that we moved out of ANOTHER hotel and had to go back to our real house. Gosh, they are so mistreated!
Love these moments with my little family...they are passing in a flash!

Friday, June 13, 2014


I successfully went almost 2 months without blogging. That wasn't planned, and I'm a tad frustrated with myself that I'm so behind....oh well! I'm not even going to try to play catch-up much. We have had so much going on the past few months it has just been a big blur!
A few of the high points...
-We are alive, we are healthy, the kids are beyond happy...not a lot has changed there!
-We moved back home after a full 6 weeks in the hotel. There is still blue tape all over my house marking things that need to be touched up. It is beyond frustrating to be out that long and things not be fixed the way they need to be. We are getting there, but still not "settled." I haven't unpacked all the boxes, pictures are not back on the wall, but we are in our own beds! The kids randomly break down and ask to go back to the hotel. They loved every second of that! They loved sharing a bed, having a swimming pool, eating whatever they wanted was a dream vacation for them!
-Bretton got released from physical therapy and is doing FAB! He is hitting all of his milestones, and actually exceeding several. He is a rock star, and is doing just great. He should be completely done with his helmet in two weeks!

I'm so behind on updating pictures, but if you follow me on Instagram or we're friends on Facebook, you've seen more than enough! 

I'm hoping to be back in the groove. I've missed you all! :)

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Landry is 4!

I can't believe that my sweet girl turned 4 last week! We celebrated her like crazy, and she loved every bit of the attention. I think she ended up getting to blow out candles at least 6 times during the week (we've been eating out a lot. Ha!). She got big girl presents that have 4 million little pieces, and then Bretton decided to start crawling. :) It's been an interesting week in the Gibson hotel room!
Here are a few of the highlights in pictures...

She got a big girl bike and loves it!

She was the only one in her gymnastics class on her birthday and got to share sweets with all the coaches and go on the big girl equipment!

She got a matching dress and pj set for her hand-me-down American Girl doll...that she named Lindsey. :) I laugh every time she says it. One of my friends said, "Well, maybe that's a good sign that you'll have a grandbaby named after you!" Ha!  

She had a Build-A-Bear birthday party with a few of her friends. It was...wild. The kids had a great time and I thought I needed to be medicated afterwards. That's all I'm going to say. :)

We're missing a few friends that had to step out early, but here's the group with their finished animals! 
Landry loves being 4. She's big now...duh. She can all of the sudden do things on her own that she didn't think she could do because she is now "an adult." It's been so fun celebrating our sweet girl that made me a mama. She is absolutely one of the biggest blessings in my life...I am so grateful for each year I get to spend with her!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Hotel Livin'

As of today, we have been living in the hotel for 2 weeks. Our dishwasher had a tiny leak in it that (over a long period of time) leaked through the cabinets and wall in our kitchen and came up through our living room wood floor. At first, we thought it would be an easy fix...after all, the dishwasher was fixed within 10 minutes and the plumber said the part cost less than $10. However, the damage to the wood floor was pretty significant. We tried to find a good match to the floor for over a month, but we found out that our color had been discontinued. Because of that, they are replacing every piece of wood floor in our whole house...which is basically everything except for the kids' bedrooms and our bonus area. The stairs are coming out, baseboards, everything. The workers said yesterday it would be at least 3 more weeks. They haven't even started on the kitchen floor, which is flagstone. They are planning to jackhammer that out and have to lay new stones. Ahh! I'm so glad we are out of there and not having to be home for all of this. Every bit of furniture is moved out of our first floor, and they even emptied out my kitchen cabinets and all of my bathroom drawers (without me knowing...blah) and moved them to storage. I've tried to go home a few times for things I forgot, and those have not been successful trips. :)

Being away from home for an extended time is bittersweet. The kids are having a BLAST, but they have begged for their own beds more than a few times. They miss specific toys and definitely miss the luxury of a DVR. :)  We are staying in an extended stay type place that has two bedrooms and a living/kitchen combo. It is definitely not the space that we are used to, but that has actually been a blessing. We are spending lots and lots of family time together. I am not cooking, I am not cleaning, and that gives me a lot more time to focus on the kids.
Here are some of the highlights:
 Coin Laundry...and we even get to ride the elevator for that part. :)

Sharing a bed! I had the kids nap separately the other day, and Collier cried and cried for Landry. After 6 weeks of being bed-buddies, this might be a hard habit to break. :)

Smiley baby soaking up all the love and attention.

Indoor sandbox. I packed a bazillion little things that I thought would keep the kids busy. We have played with a few, but we haven't been just hanging out in the room as much as we do at home.

Free cookies...

and bananas...all day in the lobby.

Resting, relaxing, and renewing while the kids nap every afternoon...

The kids are so close I can watch them (not even over the monitor) while they sleep. Love, love, love.

Serious family bonding...we can't get away from each other. :)

Some afternoons, we go down to the lobby just to quit tearing up our own room. They have board games down there, and Collier loves to scatter them all over the floor. Good thing the hotel ladies love our kids!

We're out of the house, but we're happy!
Ready to get home?  Absolutely.
Feeling blessed and learning through this process? Yep.
I bet I do a lot of cleaning out when I get home!
I hope you have a blessed Easter weekend! I am so grateful for a Savior who loves me beyond my flaws and imperfections.