Friday, April 11, 2014

Collier Quotes...

I can't believe I am doing a blog post with no pictures, but my cord to upload photos is in the other room where Bretton is napping...I'm not chancing waking the sleeping baby! :)
I have started having to write down things that Collier is saying because all of a sudden he is funny just like Landry! I don't know how he got big so quickly, but he has been cracking us up the past few weeks! He has the sweetest little personality, and he is getting to be such a chatty Cathy!
-When I ask Collier to do something, he has started responding, "I can't! I'm too very busy!"
-Every time he picks up my phone, he clicks on the camera because he wants to look at pictures. When the camera pops up, he says, "Say cheese mommy!" Then, he snaps a random pictures and says (every.single.time), "OH! That's the greatest!"
-He combines the words band-aid and bandage and calls them band-ages.
-Landry has been telling everyone that she is about to be 4 next week. Collier likes to chime in and say, "Well, I'm about to be 5!" :)
-Another way he doesn't want to be outdone by his sister...
She has been showing off her outfits to the ladies at the front desk of the hotel. Every morning, they want to see what she is wearing. She ran around the counter and said, "Look at my Sophia shoes!" yesterday morning. Collier quickly ran around there too and said, "Look at my regular shoes!" :)
-He is starting to figure out all of the names in our family. When we ask him what his whole name is, he says, "Collier! Micah Collier Gibsum." I love the way he says Gibson. :) He knows Micah's name, but he says my name is Mommy Gibsum.
-I was reading Collier a book the other night about a mother and son elephant. In the story the mommy had to leave, and it was talking about them being able to feel each other's love while they were apart. Collier cuddled up tightly with me and asked, "Mommy, you feel my love?"
Melt me.

-He loves to laugh and tell me, "Mommy, you're a mess!" or "You're a silly goose!"
Two of my favorites...
-Collier is rough with Bretton. He loves him SO much, but it is hard for him to be gentle. Here is our daily conversation...
Collier: "Mommy! Breb is crying!"
Me: "Why, what happened?"
Collier: "I not know."
Me: "Did you do something?"
Collier: "Yes...I not want a spankin!"
Me: "What did you do?"
Collier: "I bite him/pinch him/squeeze him/take his bottle. I sorry Breb!"
Seriously, this happens all the time. He admits exactly what happened after denying it and protesting for no spanking. :)
-Collier: "Excuse me."
Me: "Did you toot?"
Collier: "No, I burped."
Me: "You burped out of your booty?"
Collier: "Yep, my booty burped!"
An update is coming soon about how we are handling life in the hotel...1 week down, 4 or 5 to go supposedly! I don't think I've even blogged about why we are out of the house, so I've got a lot to catch up on!  

Monday, April 7, 2014

Horse Races

Last weekend Micah and I were able to get away for our first weekend alone since Bretton has been born. We went to the horse races in Hot Springs with my Dad and was so much fun! We've gone several years now with them, and it's always a good time! I grew up around horses, and my Dad still has several. Not race horses, but it is still fun to hear him talk about the horses that are racing and watch he and Micah make crazy bets. :)
 Thank goodness for my Mom and step-dad! They are always willing to help, and my mom takes on 3 kids like it isn't a big deal. The kids love going to her house, and they didn't act like they missed us much when we got home. :) My mom always sends me a bunch of pictures, and that always helps when we are away! She's even committed to watching them all again for double the time when we go on a work trip for Micah in May. I am seriously spoiled with her help, and I don't take that for granted. :)


We laughed a ton and ate some really great food while we were away. My Dad is a hoot, and we don't get to spend nearly enough time with them. I'm thankful for these weekends full of memories.
As far as the races and betting went, we were total losers. BUT, we had fun, and that's what matters, right? :)
Already looking forward to next year!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Laughs from Landry...

As you know, I think Landry is funny. She makes me smile constantly, and I love documenting her silly quotes.
Here are the latest quotes from our ALMOST (in two weeks!) four-year-old...
-Torrible is her new word. A mix between terrible and horrible..."This iPad is acting torrible!"
-During Bible time one night, I asked her what we are supposed to do to our enemies when they are hungry. She quickly responded, "I eat em'!"  The answer I was looking for was FEED them. Ha!
-"I don't want to eat too much and fat my booty out!"
-"I want to help crack the eggs. I'm a good cracker!"
-"Nice mamas give their childs cookies."
-"When I turn 4, I'm going to be an adult. Then, I'll get spreckles on my legs and be a mommy like you!"
-She was being pouty one day and went in my room and closed the door. She pouted around for a few minutes and said, "Sometimes I'm all on my own. I'm just on my own right now." As I started to walk out of the room, she said, "I'm all on my own, but will you turn the TV on louder?" :)
-One day as I was getting Bretton out of the bath and Landry squealed, "He's not brown anymore! You washed him off!" His hands tend to lighten up when he gets cold, and apparently she thought he was changing colors. Silly girl.
And my favorite...
"Maybe my Ariel lipstick will give me a tail, and that hair, and that booby thing!"
She has also been saying some of THE sweetest things lately. She randomly tells me she loves me, that I'm the best, and how much she wants to grow up to be just like me. :) I'm trying to soak that up because I'm sure it will change one day! Earlier today as I was driving somewhere with just her, she said, "Mama, I really love how much fun we have together." Melt.My.Heart.

Monday, March 24, 2014

March Family Fun Night...

On Friday, we did our family fun night for March. Following our February trip to Great Wolf Lodge, this seems a little light, but we had a great time! The whole point of these monthly outings is to make sure we are intentionally spending time together as a family and focusing on having fun.
We started out our evening by eating ice cream! The place we went was right across the street from Chuck-e-Cheese's, and Landry BEGS to go every time we see it. We had never taken the kids before, and it was fun to get to say YES when she asked. :)

We spent some time at Chuck-e-Cheese's, and the kids went from one game to the next. They picked out their *junk* to spend their tickets on, and really seemed to soak it all in!

Landry loved being there, and she loved trying all the different games. Her favorite was riding the horse!
We decided to leave and go eat dinner at one of our favorite new restaurants. The line was long, but at least they had a flower bed full of mulch to keep Collier entertained. :)

After dinner, we headed to Cabela's for the kids to "visit" their animals. :) This is another thing that they ask to do a lot, but we rarely make time to go. I love this first picture of them in the cart...mesmerized!

All of the kids love seeing the fish. There are so many different kinds, and the big kids love when their Daddy tells them all about them. :)

And, of course, visiting the geese and ducks is a must.
We had a great night together, and Landry has already been asking when our next family date is! One thing that was really funny was when we left Chuck-e-Cheese's, Landry said, "But on that commercial, I saw people eatin' and drinkin' there. We didn't do any eatin' or drinkin'!" I think that was the only part of the night she was disappointed with. Ha!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Make THIS Monday...

Here comes a seriously easy breakfast recipe. So easy, that your messy haired boys can throw it together on a Saturday morning without much supervision. :)
The majority of the recipe is done in the blender, and then  you pour it in a greased 9x13 pan and you're done! It's called an oven pancake (also known as a hootenanny...whatever that means). It is a strange mix between a pancake and French toast. I'm not saying that it is BETTER than those things, but it literally takes 2 minutes to throw together. Micah and the kids both had seconds and ate the whole 9x13 pan in one breakfast! Quick, easy, and a crowd pleaser! 

1 cup flour
1 cup milk
6 eggs
1/4 tsp. salt
Mix well in blender and pour in a greased 9x13 pan.
Pour 1-2 tablespoons of melted butter over the top (do not mix).
Bake 25 minutes at 400 degrees.
Slice and serve with syrup.

We ate ours with fresh fruit and maple syrup...and bacon!
A few things I might try next time...
Adding fruit into the mix before I bake it. Kind of like a blueberry pancake.
Mixing cinnamon into the batter to make it more like French toast.
Hope you enjoy! My family did! :)

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Update on the Kiddos

I haven't done a real update on the kids in a while. Everyone is doing great and keeping me running!

These three acting like babies...
they are the silliest, and I love their imaginations these days.

Landry turns four in exactly a month. Are you kidding me?! That has completely snuck up on me. I have so many Landry quotes written down, but I'll share those in another post. She is too much!
She is hit or miss with getting decent photos of her recently. She is such a goober, and she doesn't like to look at the camera AT ALL.  

We've had the chance to get out regularly and have more girl time lately. I love this...I need this! I think she is so sweet and so witty (when she isn't being a total terror...bc you know, that happens occasionally when you're 3). I love how our conversations are growing and changing, and I hope it's always easy for her to talk to me!

She still loves to dress up, but is more interested in being in "real" princess dresses rather than her play dresses. She is particular about how she wants her hair fixed and gives me lots of direction...already! She gets up most mornings and dresses herself before she comes downstairs, and then she brushes her hair first thing. :) It's so fun to watch her grow.
She is the biggest helper around the house, and she always asks what she can be doing. She was teaching Collier how to make the windows "sparkle" the other day.

Collier is 2 1/2, and he is completely inconsistent at this stage. He can go from being the most joy-filled child to screaming and throwing a tantrum in two seconds flat. His favorite new thing to say when he's in trouble is, "No! Stop talkin' to me!" I'm trying to get that one to stop! I still see glimpses of my precious baby boy, but mixed with this crazed, hungry maniac.
Seriously, all he wants to do is eat, and eat, and eat. He can eat a huge breakfast and be hungry 5 minutes later. I feel like I'm constantly having to plan meals for him. I'm not okay with him just eating junk regularly, so that makes it a bit harder to plan. Maybe if I would just feed him a darn Snickers bar he wouldn't be hungry anymore? Ha!

Collier got married to a friend's little girl the other night. She is 6, and she taught Collier so much. Ha! :) I don't think he had a clue what a wedding was, and now he's been asking to play it. Notice, he also had to have a bouquet of flowers. This groom is not going to be outdone!

 Collier is the best big brother. He constantly asks where "Breb" is, and he wants to help feed him his bottles and get him toys. He is so, so proud.

We've had a great week celebrating Bretton's great MRI results! His MRI of his brain and spine were clear, and everything looks great! At this point, the doctors feel like his stiff muscle tone is pretty normal for him. We are continuing with our two days of physical therapy each week for his neck, and he will wear his helmet for another month or two to keep improving his head shape.
He is hands down THE MOST laid back baby. He is easy going and has the sweetest personality.
We went for his 6 month check-up last week, and he has gained weight and is in the 25th percentile now. He sleeps 12-13 hours at night without waking up...and that is a total blessing! He is eating some solid foods, and his favorites so far are butternut squash and carrots.

I love how he holds on to his car seat while Daddy is driving. I can't see, but I'm positive he doesn't feel the need to do that when I drive. :) :)

His toe busted through his favorite pair of pj's this morning. This made me laugh because Landry and Collier have both done that too! Apparently our family has wild big toes!
We are having a great weekend together. Yesterday was beautiful and today it's snowing again! Absolutely crazy, but great weather for snuggling and having a movie day! We all love when Daddy is home!
Make THIS Monday will be back tomorrow with another (way easy) breakfast recipe your family will love!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Catching up...

It's time for another iPhone photo clean-out! We've been staying busy around here, and the kids have just been such a hoot lately.
Landry figured out that Micah's t-shirts are just perfect for dressing up. I love that Collier puts them on and says, "Hi! I'm Daddy!" :)  

Landry's hair salon. She uses a lot of product!

Micah spoiled the kids with ice cream for breakfast one morning. He brought them a treat from a late work meeting, but he got home after they were already in bed. They liked this even more!

Collier was showing Bretton the ropes of using the iPad. These two...I hope they end up being the best of friends!

The best part of building a tower is knocking it down, right?

I've been preparing Landry's closet for Spring/Summer, and she gets beyond excited to try on new things that come in the mail! This little outfit was made by a friend I went to high school fun!
Sunday afternoon, we were lazy. Landry and I watched a movie on the iPad in her bed while all 3 boys took naps. It was fabulous!
 Micah put a tent up in our dining room for the kids to camp one turned into 5. They loved it! They played in there so much and slept great. Collier's favorite part was being close to mommy's room so that he could "neak in der' to scare you." They woke up insanely early each morning and would sneak into our room to wake us up/scare the daylights out of us. Sweet memories made. :)



We ate classy dinners with the tent in the background. :) It hasn't even bothered me that it has been up all week...I'm actually sad to see it go.

Bible time with Daddy.
Micah has been reading through the Bible with the kids for a few months now. Collier only likes to look at the pictures, but Landry has been soaking it up! She remembers tons of details from the stories, and she will flip back through the pages and ask us if we remember different things. If Micah gets distracted and doesn't do their study right after dinner, Landry will climb up on the bookshelf and get her Bible down to remind him. Love this time of the night!
I found some eggnog in the freezer that I froze right after Christmas. I gave it to Landry while she was working on school work, and she said it made her "whole life better!"
Slightly dramatic.
And, as you know Bretton is growing like a weed and changing so much!
He rolls into walls and doesn't like it.
He's getting up on his knees and rocking a lot. Every once in a while he'll lunge forward for a toy.

Starting to hold his bottle by himself some. In a very strange way, but we will take what we can get! :)
 Sitting up (kind of) for the first time at physical therapy earlier this week.
 Scooting and rolling got him in trouble again when he got himself stuck under the bed!
He is a busy, busy, busy and happy baby boy! He is growing so fast that we have had to get his helmet resized 3 times in the past month and a half! Faster he grows, the shorter amount of time he has to wear it. He must have been listening! :)
Yay for Friday! We don't have a huge number of things on our calendar this weekend, and I like it that way. Looking forward to family time and a relaxing weekend at home!