Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Playing Catch-Up (Like Always)

The past few months year has been a busy blur for our family. The kids are constantly going, and my hands seem to be tied up all the time. We are doing great, I just wish I had time to blog and write like I used to. There will be time for that later, I am sure!  I have several family pictures from the beach that I need to post, and I definitely need to get with it on updating our blog design. I have so many fun pictures of my three little monkeys that I want to share with you!
Here is a run-down of what's been going on...
-The "big kids" started school two days a week. They love it! Landry (who is normally our social butterfly) doesn't remember her teachers names or any of her friends. She just "doesn't want to talk about it." Collier has surprised us and LOVES everything about school. He has friends, loves his teachers, and he comes home singing new songs every day.
-Bretton turned one, and his whole world opened up. He is BUSY. He is walking a little, but he prefers to scoot around on his booty or crawl on one leg to get places quickly. It is so funny! He opens cabinets, climbs on everything, and will put anything in his mouth! He has to be watched constantly.
-Landry has pretty much given up napping completely. That leaves me with little to no time alone during the day, and that is pretty exhausting. Nap time used to be my time to blog, watch a show, read a book, SHOWER. Our stage of life is changing!
-The kids have been living outside during the day. We finally fenced in some of our backyard where they could go out an play without me having to be right beside them (our neighbors have a pool that isn't totally fenced in, so I was always a nervous wreck to let the kids out!). They seriously love playing together, and I love listening to their imaginations run wild while they pretend and make stories up.
Here is a random assortment of some of my favorite pictures from the past month or so...

These brothers are constantly wrestling. If Collier isn't all over him already, Bretton crawls over to pick on him. It is so fun to watch them love each other!

Landry-lew got a hair cut!

Riding ponies at Dado and Nana's...

Tailgating at the Razorback game...

Sweet little brother was attacked by the marker monster...

First day of school pics...

I like these busy days, but I love the days where we are able to slow down and stay in our pj's a little longer (like today!). These sweet babies are growing so quickly and changing before my eyes. I love, love, love, love, love (times 5 million) being their mama.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Beach Vacation!

This post is, of course, going to be picture overload because I just uploaded over 2,000 pictures from my phone. I am insane, I have lost my ever-lovin mind, and I can't seem to keep caught up with everything. Oh well...it's my new normal. :)
We went on family vacation a few weeks ago, and we had the best time! It was going to be just the five of us, but then we decided a few months ago to invite my mom to come along with us for extra help. Thank goodness we made that decision! At times vacation with 3 littles just doesn't seem worth it, but with there being 3 adults we all got to have a little down time. It was beyond perfect!
All of the kids had a great time, and we made so many fun memories. We stayed in Grayton Beach this year, and we really liked the relaxed atmosphere. Everything was so easy going, and that is definitely what we needed!

We celebrated Bretton's first birthday while we were there. He is growing so fast!

Micah and I got to have several date nights after the kids went to bed. Another bonus to Mimi coming with us! We ate some of the best food while we were there!

Bretton woke up before 6 several mornings while we were there. He and I got to go on some peaceful morning walks, and the weather was divine!

CAN'T WAIT until next year!
We took a few family pictures while we were there, but I'll do a separate post with those at some point. Yay for family time!