Monday, February 21, 2011


The other night, Micah was supposed to be putting Landry to bed. Instead of hearing nothing, I heard lots of giggling. :) Then, I found Landry dressed up in her new piggy hat and sunglasses dancing around in her room with her daddy. BUSTED!

Serious face...
These two are so funny!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's Day...

We had a really fun Valentine's Day at our house. We stayed home, ate in, and just hung out as a family. These are sweet memories that I know I will look back on and smile some day! :)
Landry with her sweet Valentine.

Ok Mom...enough pictures!

Micah gave Landry a card with GLITTER on it, and she was amazed.

Every time I would try to take it away from her, she would get very protective. :) It was almost like she was saying, "My daddy gave this to ME!"

And...this was our yummy dinner that Micah cooked!! Steak with blue cheese, sweet potato fries with a yummy brown sugar sauce, and broiled tomatoes. It was delicious!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snow Bunny

With the gorgeous sun out today, it makes me sad to post pictures from the cold weather! So...I will just post one. Landry didn't like the snow very much. Her Gigi (Micah's mom) put some snow in her hand, and she jerked her hand back. :) She is my kind of girl!
Here is a sweet picture of her all bundled up. We love her so much!

Missing their daddy...

When Micah gets home from work, everyone is excited! He is normally greeted with lots of claps and smiles from Landry and lots of barks and jumps from Sawyer. I am always a little excited to see him too. :)
The other night, he took a shower as soon as he got home. I was fixing dinner, and he yelled at me to come help him. This is what I found...

He couldn't even get out because the two "kids" were so excited to see their daddy that they wouldn't get away from him. It was so cute and so funny!

9 month pictures!

Micah and I took Landry out for a little photo shoot on Saturday when the weather was GORGEOUS! Now that we are all snowed in, I thought I would post the pictures. They make me long for Spring to be here!
I LOVE this little nugget more than I ever imagined that I could. We have so much fun watching her personality develop. She is so funny and loves having her daddy's attention. Landry has been sleeping 12 hours straight in her bed at night for the past month (it is wonderful). Micah's new thing is that when he hears her in the morning, he tries to be the first one to rush in there and "save" her. It is the cutest thing in the world, and I love how much they love each other! are the pictures! :)

She is just growing up way too fast!