Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from the cowboy and the Indian! 

Believe me, they fought like them this afternoon. :) 
We did ZERO trick-or-treating and barely got in our outfits. Glad we did. Cuties!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

C's first haircut...

It was time. We finally had to give in and get Collier's first hair cut. He was referred to as a girl twice on Sunday, so we decided that it was a little overdue. :) Those sweet curls were just tough to get rid of! 

Here is our little man right before the big cut. Poor thing fell asleep in the car on our way there. 

Adios long hair! 

Collier loved the car and steering wheel in his seat!

But, he loved having his first sucker even more! :) 

Sweet boy sat still the entire time. 

He did throw a HUGE fit when I took the sucker away from him before we left. Hitting, screaming, kicking fit! This has started happening when he doesn't get his way on something, and it is crazy! Landry has thrown fits, don't get me wrong. This is something totally new to us though. He will go from being the sweetest thing to biting his own fingers because he is mad...what in the world!? So...we are working on our happy hearts and sweet spirits in this family. Hoping this stage doesn't last long. :)

Monday, October 29, 2012

Oh, yes she did!

I don't even know what to do with this. Landry has become a nail-biting addict, and now 10 fingers are just not enough! Our babysitters caught this picture the other night, and I had NEVER seen her do this before. 

This picture is hilarious, and I'm so glad they caught it. BUT, I have got to help her kick this. Micah and I neither one have this habit (fingers or toes! ha), but adults that I have talked to that do say to stop her now!
She tends to only chew her nails when she is watching tv or trying to put herself to sleep. I have thought about gloves (and socks now, I guess!) or trying some sort of that bitter "no-bite" nail polish that is supposedly safe for kiddos. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! :)  

Monday, October 22, 2012

My heart is full...

The other day we were in Wal-Mart with both kids in the cart. An older lady came up to us and said, "Oh my goodness. You have a BOY and a GIRL!"  The first thing that went through my head was, "Um...duh. Let's state the obvious! Don't touch my kids strange lady, or you might get decked." :) I know I can't be the only one who has been basically assaulted by crazy old people wanting to touch my kids at Wal-Mart! Anyway, she went on and basically was talking about how girly and prissy Landy looked and how rough and  tough Collier looked. It ended up being a cute conversation and made me look at my kids a little differently. We DO have a boy and a girl. 100% boy, 100% girl. They are so different, and it really does fill my heart to watch them interact together. Collier bites, pushes, and tackles. Landry cries, screams, and tattles. I am so blessed to be experiencing their differences. 

Happy Monday! 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Little Miss Landry...

Well, she's keeping us laughing, that is for sure. Landry has been sick this past week, but she has been such a trooper (and a great snuggle-bug!). She went to the Razorback game with Micah and I last Saturday and threw-up while we were fun at all. After that, she was running 103 fever and getting sick on and off through Thursday. Thankfully, it passed and she is doing much better now. She was pretty pitiful and wouldn't eat because she was "scared" and "my dress get dirty." She was not a fan of the throwing up! 
I think the best update I could possibly do on Landry is to give you some direct quotes. :) I honestly keep a notepad in the kitchen to write things down when she says them so that I can tell Micah later. The things she comes up with are just too cute! 
First, a few current pictures...
Morning coffee last weekend. This girl loves "rewaxing" and having coffee with mommy. Special, special, special!
**Like, 10% coffee, 50% sugar, and 40% milk :)**

Tailgating before the big incident last week. She went crazy seeing all the "woo pigs!" 

Here we go...some are funnier than others, but I don't want to forget a thing! 

"I can't feel good"-She said this a lot this week. Can't instead of don't.

Sometimes when I take her potty and kneel down by her, she will stroke my face and say, "Mama, you're the best girl!"  

"Oh goody good!"

"I want two-ones!" When she wants more than one of something. :)

We were baking cupcakes the other day, and I got out the brown sugar. She asked what it was, and I told her. She said, "That's POOPY sugar!" 

"Sure my can!" Imagine hearing it the way someone says, "Sure you can!" She says this when she asks to do something. "Mama can I help you? Sure my can!" 

"I helpin' myself." 

The other morning Landry was hanging out in the bathroom while I was getting ready. She asked what my mascara was, so I told her. She said in the sweetest voice, "You-scared-a? Mommy, I hold your hand really tight!" 

She's been sleeping in our bed a lot since she has been sick. She's also been sleeping really late, like 9:00 or 9:30. One morning this week she woke up crying and I went in to check on her. She said, "Mommy, I wet! I pee pee in my biaper, and my biaper pee pee on your bed!"  I laughed so hard. :)

 Landry has really changed these past few months. She is asking so many questions and learning new things all the time. She loves to count things, spell her name for anyone who will listen, sing new songs, tell stories, discipline her brother, color, paint, do anything with her daddy, bake cookies, and watch Mickey Mouse. She says the sweetest, most innocent prayers and thanks Jesus for things like water and blankets that I seem to take for granted all the time. She has a crazy good memory and remembers places that we haven't been in months! 

A few flashback photos from July of this year (only 3 months ago!). Where did my baby go?! I sure do love who she is turning in to though! 

Friday, October 19, 2012

All About Collier!

You guys, today I am just stinkin' amazed at how fast Collier is changing. I should know that this second year is full of milestones and major changes, but I'm not ready! I love watching Collier learn new things, but he is literally running in circles with his sister. I can't believe that he wasn't even walking two months ago, and now I can't get him to slow down. Amazing and so bitter-sweet. I miss my baby who wouldn't leave my side some days. :) He's still attached, don't get me wrong...BUT he can live without me now. My mama heart is a little sappy today, can you tell? 

So, my next two posts are going to be about each one of these BABIES. They have both changed so much since this picture on Easter. 

As you know, the highchair has always been one of C's favorite spots. Food makes Colli-Bean a happy boy! I went back and pulled a series of pics of him in his highchair starting in January (about 5 months). Can you believe the changes??

He is just getting so big. Here is what is going on with our little man at 14 months:
-He weighs more than his sister. Only by 1 pound, but it is still more!
-He is learning new words all the time and trying to tell us what he wants. It is a frustrating phase for him because he knows what he wants to tell us, but we can't always figure it out. Some of the words he is saying a lot are; Mama, Daddy, Nanny (for Landry!), Bankie (blanket), Juice (for anything he wants to drink), bottle, nigh nigh, mine!, shoe, puppy, most of the grandparent's names, read, bites, more, ball, seat, icky (Mickey), Bye bye, tiss (kiss), eyes, cheese and probably lots more that I am forgetting. He is a talker and will repeat just about anything! 
-Like I said before, he is running everywhere. He and Landry chase after each other all the time, and he is always falling and getting lots of bruises. 
-He will eat anything, but really loves fruit, cheese, broccoli, and yogurt. 
-He is still taking a bottle 3 times a day. We are working on cutting it out, but he got hooked once he finally took it! 
-Collier still takes two naps a day, but I think he is starting to give up the morning nap. His usual sleep schedule is 9:30-11:30 and 2-4. 
-He is starting to throw fits. Like, major fits. He will lay down on the floor, cry, scream, and start pulling his hair. It is pitiful, but I'm trying not to let it work! 
-He is into everything that Landry never was. Nothing is safe in this house. He opens every cabinet, every drawer, digs in the fireplace, tries to get up the stairs any chance he gets, pushes any door open that isn't totally latched, unrolls toilet paper, splashes in the toilet, pulls my clothes off the hangers, chews on shoes (like a dog!), eats anything that he finds on the floor, and CLIMBS! He is busy, busy, busy. 

Collier totally has my heart. He is a mama's boy, and I like it that way. Micah said a few months ago, "I think he is finally starting to like me!" :) I love watching them grow closer and love on each other. There are so many qualities of his Daddy that I hope he has! 

Here are a few more flashback photos that are crazy to me! Major changes with teeth and HAIR! His hair is totally out of control, but Micah would go crazy if I cut it. Those curls are really pretty sweet. :)

The picture in the orange if from the end of June...his hair has grown a lot in 4 months!

So, to sum it up, Collier is the best. He is the sweetest little boy I could ever imagine, even when he's not. :) I look at him and thank God for the beautiful surprise that he was to our family. I can't imagine Landry not having him, and I can't imagine how slow our lives would be without the need to chase him around. What a precious little chunky man I have! 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Some weeks...

Some weeks are busy and crazy, but we love those weeks. I love to blog, but I really enjoy when we are just hopping from one thing to the next and I end up not having time. :) Kind of strange. 

I cleaned out my phone from the past few weeks, so here's your update! 
Some need descriptions, some don't. Enjoy!

Morning "prize" run. 
Coffee and doughnuts. :)

Tongues and headbands...

Collier carries his snuggle blanket around in his mouth everywhere! Found him in our closet playing with old toys. :) Precious baby!

Landry went to her first movie in the theater with her cousin Avery. We saw Cinderella, and all the girls dressed up like princesses. It was so fun for the girls, and I loved watching the movie again! 

Scrunchy of his new favorite things! 

Landry loves for me to dry her hair when we get out of the shower. I love these mommy/daughter times! 

My birthday was last week, and the family took me out for a chocolate mess...yum!

We find things to entertain ourselves at the doctor's office because we pretty much live there. 

Landry rubbed yogurt all over her body on an evening drive. This week, 3 of our 4 car seats have been disassembled and cleaned...out of major necessity. :)

We went to lunch with my mom at one of my favorite old diners. It has several deer, elk, etc. on the walls, and Landry was SO excited and wanted to send her daddy a picture! Collier loved the food. :)

Visiting Pepaw...

Picking out daddy's tie for work...

Homemade fall cupcakes. Perfection. 

Happy Fall Y'all!