Tuesday, October 30, 2012

C's first haircut...

It was time. We finally had to give in and get Collier's first hair cut. He was referred to as a girl twice on Sunday, so we decided that it was a little overdue. :) Those sweet curls were just tough to get rid of! 

Here is our little man right before the big cut. Poor thing fell asleep in the car on our way there. 

Adios long hair! 

Collier loved the car and steering wheel in his seat!

But, he loved having his first sucker even more! :) 

Sweet boy sat still the entire time. 

He did throw a HUGE fit when I took the sucker away from him before we left. Hitting, screaming, kicking fit! This has started happening when he doesn't get his way on something, and it is crazy! Landry has thrown fits, don't get me wrong. This is something totally new to us though. He will go from being the sweetest thing to biting his own fingers because he is mad...what in the world!? So...we are working on our happy hearts and sweet spirits in this family. Hoping this stage doesn't last long. :)

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