Thursday, September 27, 2012

Day In Our Lives: Wednesday

Wednesdays are normally fun days at our house. My mom is always off work on Wednesdays, so we normally get to spend some time with Mimi. The kids love that, and it is fun for me to have a little mental break and get to talk and hangout. Well, this week my mom is at the beach, so we didn't get to hang out. Bummer, but we still had fun! 
Landry woke up about 8:00. That was a little later than usual, so I got to spend extra time in bed snoozing, praying, and planning out our day. She got up and immediately wanted to put on Pig Sooie Princess {serious, serious obsession-the arm band addiction was easier to blend in!}. She cracked me up because she was being so silly and fun first thing after she woke up. She stood in front of our floor fan and was letting it blow her hair all crazy.  

She had some major volume after that. :)

Ella Sparkles and Big Titty watched as we got breakfast ready. 

This little nugget didn't wake up until 9:00, and he wasn't in a happy mood when he did...even after all that sleep! 

That is, until he got to smear pb&j all over the place for breakfast. Love his sweet grins! 

During our morning play time, Landry figured out how to turn a chair around and use it to reach other toys she wants. Oh boy...I can imagine where this might go! 
Yes, those are my flip-flops she is wearing with her beautiful outfit. 

I fed Collier a bottle, and Landry fed her baby, Starbuck, a bottle also. :) 

Collier went down for a nap around 11, and little missy and I got showers. I hopped in and out, but she took a leisurely 30 minutes. She loves playing in the water and letting it run all over her head. 
I got ready while she was pretty nice. :)
**Side note-The shower is glass, so I could see everything she was doing. Also, we are on well water, so no huge water bill.** 

We got ready to head out when Collier woke up because we were going to see Daddy at his new office and meet all of his new buddies. 
Up until 2 weeks ago, Micah worked in the same office for 9 years! He still has the same job, but ended up moving a little closer to where most of his clients are. 

After the struggle and stress of getting everyone ready at the same time, we went outside to this lovely weather. Blah!

We met all the new co-workers, and Landry showed them all sorts of tricks. She loves meeting new people, and is quick to tell them her name, how old she is, and everything they ever wanted to know about Colliers. 

We got home, and I threw together a quick quiche for dinner. Around our house, it is called "Tomato Pie" though because Micah doesn't like quiche. :) 
Normally, I put all the good stuff inside, but I was in a hurry to get it in the oven and going, so I just cooked it with fresh mozzarella and tomotoes inside with the eggs. While it cooked, I fried up some bacon and then sauteed some fresh squash and red onion in the drippings. I poured it on top of the quiche when it came out and topped it with grated Romano cheese. I think this was a bigger hit than the original way, so this may be the way it is done from now on! This is one of our favorite meals...we eat it once every few weeks (most of the time without the bacon). I love having the ingredients on hand because it is perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner! 

The reason I was in a hurry for dinner was because I had a hair appointment last night. It was heavenly to sit still, sip coffee, and be pampered. A nice, scheduled break every 8 weeks. Ha! 

Micah got Collier to bed while I was gone, and when I got home he and Landry were cuddled up in bed watching cartoons. They are super sweet together. I am seriously spoiled that Micah is so good at taking care of the babies while I'm away-not that most dads aren't, but I have lots of friends that have to leave detailed notes, lists, lay out clothes, etc. They may not get their teeth brushed or baths every time, but they are happy and in one piece when I get home! :) 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Day In Our Lives: Tuesday

Tuesdays used to be our day for Bible study, and we loved that. However, my little man has such a demanding schedule at this point that it is just better for our family to stay home in the mornings as much as we can. I was signed up for this semester, but a week before it started we were at MDO orientation that was during the same time that Bible study would be, and Collier was literally so mad that he wasn't in his bed that he was screaming and pulling his own hair! It made me so sad that I called and canceled on the study on my way home. My life is about these babies right now, and I will have many years to do Bible studies with friends later...and I tell myself that every week. :)
So, I tell you all of that to say that I committed to myself that I wouldn't let Tuesdays become just another morning, but it kind of already has. 

We got up around 7:30, and Landry immediately wanted to put on her "Pig Sooie Princess" and her hat. This is basically her new uniform...she loves that skirt! 

The kids played, ate breakfast, and were super demanding. 

I finally got my coffee going around 9:30, and had time to grab a quick handful of this goodness for breakfast. Breakfast of crazy mamas, not champions. 

Since Collier was still a little sick on Monday, Landry had to miss her dance class. She was bummed, but I got her dressed in her outfit while Collier went down for his morning nap. We danced around and she showed me all of her tricks. :)

We painted fingernails and toenails...

 and then...HE woke up. 
Time for lunch and lots of messes. 
Seriously, this IS a day in our lives. Collier loves these cheapo cups from Sam's Club, and they are really the only thing (besides a bottle) that he will drink out of. Fine with me, except he throws them on the floor while we eat and the lid {always, always, always} pops off and spills the juice everywhere. Grrrr.

But, he is just so cute that I can't hardly get upset with him. :)
He is such a piggy and ate 4 1/2 pieces of thin crust pizza for lunch and some steamed veggies! 

His ornery sister only ate one piece, but she looked good in her skirt and "Hello Titty" shirt while she did it. 
Yes, you are correct, 3 wardrobe changes by lunch. 

Landry went down for her nap around 1, and Collier got to hang out and have special time together. 
He helped me clean up the kitchen and do dishes...

and then we read some of his favorite books. 

Collier went down for an afternoon nap about 2. When they both woke up, we ran to a baby store really quickly to grab Collier a new car seat. On the way home, Landry threw up in the pictures {you're welcome}. That never happens, and she acted like she was totally fine after that. No clue what it was about, but her car seat was gross and she needed a major bath. 
Micah was late getting home from work, so the kiddos and I had tacos before he got here. Landry told me that she "likes yacos!" The kids had strawberries for their dessert, and I had to take a picture of Landry's stems. I cut the tops off of the berries for her and set them to the side. I normally waste quite a bit of the red part, but when I came back, she had cleaned them up! Seriously, you can see through the hole in the middle. That girl was not going to let one bit go to waste. :) 

Overall, we had a great day. Looking forward to a healthy tomorrow! 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Day In Our Lives: Monday

Mondays are normally our day to re-coup from the weekend around here. We go and go while daddy is home from work, so we normally have a lot to catch up on. This Monday was not much different. 

We woke up and the kids went straight to their highchairs for breakfast. They always seem to latch on to something as we get them out of bed...Collier ALWAYS has his green blanket, and this morning Landry had "Amy" her naked boy baby. :)

The kids ate breakfast, and I got lucky because Micah made me coffee before he went to work. Some mornings, though I desperately need it, there is just no time to get a pot of coffee going. A Keurig is on my Christmas list this year! 

Not that we don't have laundry, but Mondays are really our laundry day. I did four loads and washed sheets. Bundles and bundles of fun. I do love clean sheets though! 

Landry wanted a snack pretty quickly after breakfast. She asked for "grapes in a bowl." We didn't have any grapes on hand, so I told her to pick something else. She sounded like an adult when she told me, "Tomatoes'll work!" This girl loves tomatoes!

Normally, Micah comes home for lunch, but he was needing to go look at some property during lunch time. The kids and I hopped in the car and went to meet him. He breaks our day up for us, and we all start to go a little stir-crazy if we don't have anything going on. Poor Collier was feeling better from Sunday, but still not 100%. He didn't nap that morning, so he ended up falling asleep in the car mid-french fry. He slept with that fry in his mouth for a good 45 minutes...and then ate it when he woke up! Ha! 

We got home from lunch, and Landry pretended to take a nap on the floor. Then, she went upstairs and really took a nap. 

When she goes down in the afternoons, I normally have 30 minutes or an hour of alone time with Collier before his afternoon nap. I love having special alone time with them both. 
Collier and I played and I took pictures of his pretty little face. I told him how thankful I was that his scary rash had gone away and how jealous I was of his beautiful eyelashes. :)

When they both woke up from naps, they played in the pack-n-play together. This isn't a normal thing because we don't normally have it set up. Collier slept in our room the past few nights so that we could make sure he was doing okay, and they refuse to stay away from it when they see it. Landry calls it Collier's cage. Ha! 

I folded laundry while the kids were in the cage, and I wondered how much I would get done if I just left it up...? :)

Micah got home from work around 6, we ate a quick dinner (you know if it was anything good, I would tell you!), and we loaded up and did a quick grocery run at Fresh Market. We were totally out of eggs and fresh fruit, but I didn't want to take yucky virus baby to a store and spread things around.

We got home from the store and headed out to do our nightly mail check...

Our mailbox locks, and Landry is getting really good at getting the tiny key in there and unlocking it. She is so smart! We only had one item yesterday, but Landry was so excited to bring it back to Micah (he and Collier never actually made it to the road). She was running back, waving the junk-mail, and saying, "Daddy! I got you birthday card!" I don't have any idea where she got that from, but it was hilarious. It will actually be Micah's birthday this Sunday, but she doesn't have a clue. 

Collier found a dirt pile to play in. He is 100% boy...except for those eyelashes and sweet curls. 

Inside....baths and bed for the babies. Monday night football for Micah, and finally a chance to sit down and not move for 5 minutes for me. 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Day In Our Lives: Sunday

I did a week's worth of posts last year before Collier was born that were "A Day In Our Lives." I had intended to do this again a few months after Collier arrived to see how different our days were and be able to compare. Well, 13+ months later, and I finally decided this is the time. So, buckle up and get ready, you're about to infiltrate the crazy life of the Gibsons. :)
This is seriously kind of a selfish week. I remember what a hassle it was last year to actually make sure to take pictures of things we did during the day, but just last night Landry and I looked back through the blog books, and she LOVED seeing everything we did. Makes it all worth it. Hope you enjoy! 

So....of course, to start off our week, Sunday was nothing normal around our house. The week is going to get better (I keep telling myself)!
 We woke up to this fussy little man. 
 Actually, I didn't really wake up to him, I had BEEN up with him most of the night. We got home from the football game Saturday night to him having a small little rash under his neck. When he woke up in the night, the rash had moved to his belly and back. In the morning, it had spread a little more, and we knew we would be skipping church and taking him to the walk-in clinic right when it opened at noon. He went down for his normal morning nap around 9:30, and when we woke him up at 11:30 to head to the clinic, the rash had spread to his face and his cheeks and lips were swollen. 
Long story short, he and I got to the clinic, saw the nurse immediately (even though there was an hour wait already), and they sent us straight to the ER. 

Side note: What I was supposed to be doing on this lovely Sunday was helping host a baby shower for one of my favorite friends, Michelle. Remember, the jerk that introduced me to the chai tea lattes? :) As you will be able to tell from the rest of the story, I missed it. The whole darn thing that we had been planning for weeks! At least I had been in charge of invitations, and my handy-dandy husband was perfect for the job of delivering the corn dip, platters, and a sweet little framed ultra-sound picture of baby Issac. Basically, I hate it that I missed it, but I had to be there for my little man, and Michelle is the type of friend that totally gets it. 
Love her! :)

Fast forward to the ER....and then PAUSE for 3 hours while we wait in the waiting room with a sad/bored/tired/hungry/curious/probably itchy baby boy. The nurse at the clinic told me to go immediately to the ER, and then they seemed less than concerned about anything once we got there. Not fun. During that time, Micah made the deliveries for the shower, dropped Landry off at Aunt Emily's house, and then came to meet us. Also during that time, I played "Ickey" aka: Mickey on my phone about 100 times trying to keep Collier calm and occupied. 

We finally got called back to the a room where we ended up spending 2 1/2 more hours, never actually seeing a doctor (seriously), and having some tests run. They ended up telling us that it was a virus of some sort, they gave him a steroid, and sent us home. 
**If you live in NWA and want to know what ER not to use, let me know.** 

Collier was pretty pitiful and was SO sleepy while we were there. Every time I would get him calmed down and to sleep, they would finally come in to give him medicine, take his temperature, or bother him in any way they could. It was so scary and sad to see him like this, and it was crazy how fast it seemed to get bad!

We ran by and picked Landry up from Emily, came home, and popped one of my casseroles from my swap with friends in the oven. Handy!
Landry was in a fabulous mood because she was worn out from playing so hard with  her big cousins. She took Collier's "prizes" from him that he got at the hospital and tried to make herself feel better. Ha!

 We got Collier to bed, and then Landry cuddled with Micah on the couch watching her show on the "my-phone." She looks like a big girl in this picture, and I can't hardly stand it. 

That was our Sunday. Looking forward to a healthier and happier week to come! 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Savoring these moments...

I don't know why, but I feel like God has been giving me extra time in my days lately. I have had several mornings where I have had my to-do list done early, and I have been allowing myself to make the decision to sit down and talk and play with the babies (instead of finding things to stay busy, busy). Not that I don't sit down with them regularly, but normally I have a mental list of things going on during that time (and loads and loads of laundry going!). So, this change has been fun. My favorite part is counting how many "turns" on mommy's lap they each take and the unbelievable number of books we can read in 30 after another. It is crazy! 

So, a few things from this last week...

Landry went to the dentist with me, and Ms. Amy counted her teeth. When we came home, she told Micah to open up, and she pretended to count his. "20! Yea Daddy! You have 20 teeth...just like me!" 

Landry is going through a serious phase of obsession with cats right now. 
She has several Hello Kitty items, a cat purse, and anything else that she can squeeze out of us that has to do with kitties. favorite part of the kitty phase is this (and I can't even believe that I am sharing this), Landry can't say the word kitty. Instead, it comes out titty, and she says it all the time. While we were in Florida, she had my in-laws rolling because she sleeps with her "Big Titty and Little Titty," and she will cry for them! 
Even though I think it is hilarious, I have been working with her to correct it, but she still says, "K, K, Titty!" 
So, the other night, we went down to Dado and Nana's, and they had real life little titties there! Landry was in heaven and followed these poor things around the whole evening. It was so much fun to watch her and see how excited she got! 

Collier sometimes rides in a purple car seat. There, I said it. :) We have a hand-me-down from my niece, and it is just the perfect fit for him right now. It seems so comfy, and he likes it a lot more than Landry does. So, we try to wear something extra manly, like camo shoes, when we know this is going to happen. Ha!

Landry and Collier are both loving this weather, and they love being outside! Collier got a tractor for his birthday, and Landry has been taking him on rides. He has no interest in driving right now, so his bossy sister gets to be in total control! :)

Tomorrow is the day for my wisdom tooth removal...blah! So, you probably won't hear from me for a few days. OR, it might be entertaining and drug induced if you do. Ha!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

See me?

It is going to be a few more days before I get vacation pictures completely uploaded. We have a busy weekend to look forward to with our first bonfire of the FALL and a long day of tailgating on Saturday. Can't hardly wait!

To tide you over...her is Landry wearing goggles around in the condo on a rainy day. She had never worn goggles before, and it was so funny to watch the faces she made because things looked different. She kept asking, "see me?" I don't know why she thought we couldn't, but it was funny! :) 
Love our curious little stinker.