Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Day In Our Lives: Tuesday

Tuesdays used to be our day for Bible study, and we loved that. However, my little man has such a demanding schedule at this point that it is just better for our family to stay home in the mornings as much as we can. I was signed up for this semester, but a week before it started we were at MDO orientation that was during the same time that Bible study would be, and Collier was literally so mad that he wasn't in his bed that he was screaming and pulling his own hair! It made me so sad that I called and canceled on the study on my way home. My life is about these babies right now, and I will have many years to do Bible studies with friends later...and I tell myself that every week. :)
So, I tell you all of that to say that I committed to myself that I wouldn't let Tuesdays become just another morning, but it kind of already has. 

We got up around 7:30, and Landry immediately wanted to put on her "Pig Sooie Princess" and her hat. This is basically her new uniform...she loves that skirt! 

The kids played, ate breakfast, and were super demanding. 

I finally got my coffee going around 9:30, and had time to grab a quick handful of this goodness for breakfast. Breakfast of crazy mamas, not champions. 

Since Collier was still a little sick on Monday, Landry had to miss her dance class. She was bummed, but I got her dressed in her outfit while Collier went down for his morning nap. We danced around and she showed me all of her tricks. :)

We painted fingernails and toenails...

 and then...HE woke up. 
Time for lunch and lots of messes. 
Seriously, this IS a day in our lives. Collier loves these cheapo cups from Sam's Club, and they are really the only thing (besides a bottle) that he will drink out of. Fine with me, except he throws them on the floor while we eat and the lid {always, always, always} pops off and spills the juice everywhere. Grrrr.

But, he is just so cute that I can't hardly get upset with him. :)
He is such a piggy and ate 4 1/2 pieces of thin crust pizza for lunch and some steamed veggies! 

His ornery sister only ate one piece, but she looked good in her skirt and "Hello Titty" shirt while she did it. 
Yes, you are correct, 3 wardrobe changes by lunch. 

Landry went down for her nap around 1, and Collier got to hang out and have special time together. 
He helped me clean up the kitchen and do dishes...

and then we read some of his favorite books. 

Collier went down for an afternoon nap about 2. When they both woke up, we ran to a baby store really quickly to grab Collier a new car seat. On the way home, Landry threw up in the pictures {you're welcome}. That never happens, and she acted like she was totally fine after that. No clue what it was about, but her car seat was gross and she needed a major bath. 
Micah was late getting home from work, so the kiddos and I had tacos before he got here. Landry told me that she "likes yacos!" The kids had strawberries for their dessert, and I had to take a picture of Landry's stems. I cut the tops off of the berries for her and set them to the side. I normally waste quite a bit of the red part, but when I came back, she had cleaned them up! Seriously, you can see through the hole in the middle. That girl was not going to let one bit go to waste. :) 

Overall, we had a great day. Looking forward to a healthy tomorrow! 

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