Monday, September 24, 2012

Day In Our Lives: Sunday

I did a week's worth of posts last year before Collier was born that were "A Day In Our Lives." I had intended to do this again a few months after Collier arrived to see how different our days were and be able to compare. Well, 13+ months later, and I finally decided this is the time. So, buckle up and get ready, you're about to infiltrate the crazy life of the Gibsons. :)
This is seriously kind of a selfish week. I remember what a hassle it was last year to actually make sure to take pictures of things we did during the day, but just last night Landry and I looked back through the blog books, and she LOVED seeing everything we did. Makes it all worth it. Hope you enjoy! 

So....of course, to start off our week, Sunday was nothing normal around our house. The week is going to get better (I keep telling myself)!
 We woke up to this fussy little man. 
 Actually, I didn't really wake up to him, I had BEEN up with him most of the night. We got home from the football game Saturday night to him having a small little rash under his neck. When he woke up in the night, the rash had moved to his belly and back. In the morning, it had spread a little more, and we knew we would be skipping church and taking him to the walk-in clinic right when it opened at noon. He went down for his normal morning nap around 9:30, and when we woke him up at 11:30 to head to the clinic, the rash had spread to his face and his cheeks and lips were swollen. 
Long story short, he and I got to the clinic, saw the nurse immediately (even though there was an hour wait already), and they sent us straight to the ER. 

Side note: What I was supposed to be doing on this lovely Sunday was helping host a baby shower for one of my favorite friends, Michelle. Remember, the jerk that introduced me to the chai tea lattes? :) As you will be able to tell from the rest of the story, I missed it. The whole darn thing that we had been planning for weeks! At least I had been in charge of invitations, and my handy-dandy husband was perfect for the job of delivering the corn dip, platters, and a sweet little framed ultra-sound picture of baby Issac. Basically, I hate it that I missed it, but I had to be there for my little man, and Michelle is the type of friend that totally gets it. 
Love her! :)

Fast forward to the ER....and then PAUSE for 3 hours while we wait in the waiting room with a sad/bored/tired/hungry/curious/probably itchy baby boy. The nurse at the clinic told me to go immediately to the ER, and then they seemed less than concerned about anything once we got there. Not fun. During that time, Micah made the deliveries for the shower, dropped Landry off at Aunt Emily's house, and then came to meet us. Also during that time, I played "Ickey" aka: Mickey on my phone about 100 times trying to keep Collier calm and occupied. 

We finally got called back to the a room where we ended up spending 2 1/2 more hours, never actually seeing a doctor (seriously), and having some tests run. They ended up telling us that it was a virus of some sort, they gave him a steroid, and sent us home. 
**If you live in NWA and want to know what ER not to use, let me know.** 

Collier was pretty pitiful and was SO sleepy while we were there. Every time I would get him calmed down and to sleep, they would finally come in to give him medicine, take his temperature, or bother him in any way they could. It was so scary and sad to see him like this, and it was crazy how fast it seemed to get bad!

We ran by and picked Landry up from Emily, came home, and popped one of my casseroles from my swap with friends in the oven. Handy!
Landry was in a fabulous mood because she was worn out from playing so hard with  her big cousins. She took Collier's "prizes" from him that he got at the hospital and tried to make herself feel better. Ha!

 We got Collier to bed, and then Landry cuddled with Micah on the couch watching her show on the "my-phone." She looks like a big girl in this picture, and I can't hardly stand it. 

That was our Sunday. Looking forward to a healthier and happier week to come! 

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