Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

We had a fun Halloween with the kids this year. Landry was a pig, and Collier was a dragon. They were both cuties, but their costumes were bulky and hot! It worked out well on Sunday because our church Trunk or Treat got pretty chilly. My sister-in-laws (Micah's sister and my brother's wife) brought their kids to the church event too. Landry was so excited to get to see all of her cousins! Again...a little bit of picture overload!
The babies with Dado before Trunk-or-Treat

Our attempts at a family picture. :)

Cowboy Judd

Micah, Landry, Emily, and Avery

Landry playing on the bounce house!

Uncle Kyle

Police Officer only half his costume! :)

Sweet, teething Laurel

Loving on my sleeping dragon! :)

Today, we have just been hanging around the house most of the day. I had to get out for a doctor's appointment, so we went and visited Daddy at work for a little while. Landry's shirt says "Daddy is Under My Spell." SO TRUE! :)

We are at the age where every picture is an action shot!!

Checkin' out our little jack-o-lantern!

Look how calm she is when he cries. :) She is SO over it!

Tonight, we thought about going to Emily and Kyles church to do their Trunk-or-Treat with them, but this is what was going on at our house at 6:00!
It is a little hard to see, but Landry is passed out on her back with mouth WIDE open! She napped for over two hours this evening. Micah and I got to sit down and eat dinner with no babies. It is kind of like I got that date I have been talking about! :)
Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween!!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

A few posts in one...

This post is going to be a little bit of a picture overload, but I need to get caught up!

We had a bonfire and hay ride at our house with some friends from church. It was so much fun! It got pretty cold as the night went on, but the kids didn't seem to care! I think Landry ate 3 hotdogs because she kept stealing them off of anyone's plate that was put down. That girl can down some food! :) Can't wait to do it again!

One of my best friends ever, Cassie, brought her 5 month old baby over to meet my kids for the first time. Cassie, Brandon, and sweet Brynley live in St. Louis, and we don't get to see each other near enough. We ate lunch together at the house and sat around for HOURS catching up, feeding babies, and laughing. What a blessing it is to have special friends that I don't have to see for months, and we can pick back up like we saw each other yesterday. Cassie and I have been friends since 6th grade, so sometimes when we are sitting around talking it makes me feel like we should really still be in middle school. Time has absolutely flown by!
When they got to the house, we realized that the girls had the same outfit! I did a quick change on Landry so that we could get pictures of them matching! Bryn is such a happy baby, and she loved sitting next to Landry and Collier. She kept trying to touch and lick on Landry, but she wasn't having any of it! Collier couldn't get away, so he got some extra love. :)  

And, of course, I couldn't post without a few sweet pictures of my little growing Gibsons. Landry has this completely FAKE smile that cracks me up. When I get the camera out, she will make this face, say CHEEEEEESE, and then expect that we are done with pictures. LOL.

And, the little man is growing like a weed! He is smiling and cooing all the time and developing such a sweet personality. A sweet personality except for when we try giving him a bottle. :) Still no success. I have had so many sweet friends tell me that their babies wouldn't take bottles either and give me encouragement to hang in there. I absolutely love nursing my babies, and I really want to make it to a year with him if I can (I had to stop with Landry at 6 months when we found out we were pregnant!!). My friend Cara told me, "the days may seem long, but the years are short." What a great reminder! I know that I can handle him not taking a bottle, it will just have to take some extra planning to get to go on a date with Micah! :) 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

We are staying busy...

And this is what we are staying busy doing!
Loving on our babies, enjoying this beautiful weather, and having a blast!
Hope you guys are having a great week too!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Thankful Thursday...

I am thankful today for so many are just a few:

1. Pumpkin (bread, pie, cookies, lattes)...anything pumpkin!
2. Scarves
3. My church and the wonderful ladies that I am blessed to be friends with!
4. The DVR
5. Dr. Pepper
6. Heated Seats
7. Clean Water
8. My wonderful husband...he is out of town for a day, and I miss him like crazy! Thankful that he is here 99.9% of the time to keep me sane. 
9. A clean house
10. Our sweet families and grandparents that love our babies like crazy!
11. Pictures...I love documenting what is going on and looking back to see where we have been.
12. Good smelling shampoo
13. Sweat pants/leggings
14. Boots!
15. And, of course, my sweet babies who love unconditionally, allow me to cuddle with them whenever I want, and keep me running!

Seriously, couldn't you just eat her up? Check out those toes...she is already figuring out that pain is beauty. LOL!

What are you thankful for today?

Monday, October 17, 2011

So many firsts!

Over the past few weeks, the kids have been having so many "firsts" that I thought I would just do a whole blog post to list them all. Some have pictures, some don't. They are growing so fast that it is just crazy!!

**An unfortunate first was that Landry learned how to take her clothes and diaper off in her crib and smeared poop everywhere during nap time one day. :) Luckily, Micah was home, so we were able to double team it. I am not sure I could have stomached that on my own. It was all over her and all over everything else as well! She hasn't seemed interested in undressing herself in bed since then...thank goodness! No're welcome!**

**Landry has learned how to crawl into Collier's swing and buckle herself in. This isn't a travel swing, it is the big one. She actually has to do some work to get in there, and it is hilarious to watch. I should really not let her do this, but luckily she hasn't pulled Collier out so that she could get in...yet!**

**When we got home from vacation, Collier started sleeping without his swaddle! Landry wanted to be swaddled until at least 4 months, but our little man doesn't seem to mind either way. He also started snuggling with his little monkey, and he seems to love it!**

**Landry went to her first official day of Mother's Day Out. I have taken her one time before, but we went late and left early. This time, she stayed all day and loved it! She even took a little nap which usually doesn't happen unless she is in her own bed. Below, she is posing with the picture she made that day and eating her after school snack. Too stinkin' sweet. In the second picture, you can see that she was DONE taking pictures. Sassy little thing!**

**We offered Collier a bottle the other night. Everything is calm in the picture below, but the peace didn't last long. He did NOT like it. We have tried 5 different bottles at this point, and nothing is working yet. He screams, holds his breath, arches his back, and is just miserable all over. It makes us crazy! Landry took a bottle at 6 weeks with no problem at all. We were not prepared for there to be "issues." What.the.heck? If anyone has suggestions...we are absolutely open to those!!**

**Collier started scooting the other day. He was on the couch on his belly, and all the sudden Landry started yelling for me. This is what I found when I came in, so I just HAD to grab the camera. She had her head below his to make sure he didn't fall off the couch! She was down there talking to him and giggling in between yelling "Mammmma!!!" She is already a protective big sister!**

**We went out to dinner a few weeks ago to celebrate Micah, Drew (my brother), and my birthdays that are all within about a week of eachother. While we were at the restaurant, Landry ate like she hadn't been fed all day. The girl just loves food! When we were done eating (and she had honestly eaten two plates full of pasta), we weren't paying attention, and she scooted the bread basket over to herself and was eating off the loaf! We could not stop laughing!**

**Our little man has started smiling, and it is just precious! He is super happy when he wakes up in the morning (usually around 9), and he will just grin and grin when we talk to him. We love that he is starting to interact with us more!**

I feel so blessed to be the mother to these little stinkers! They make our boring lives so much fun! :)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

18 Months

18 months ago (TODAY!), the sweetest little blessing came into our life and changed us forever. Landry Elise is just the sunshine in our day, the laughter in our hearts, the absolute joy in our lives. She is the entertainment that we didn't know we needed, the sass that makes life sweet, and the challenge that we are up for every single day. God made her especially for us, and that becomes more obvious all the time. Today and everyday, we are thankful for our precious little girl!
We took Landry for her 18 month check-up last week. She weighs 25 pounds and is 30 1/2 inches long. She is in the 10th percentile for height and the 50th percentile for weight. :) Little chunker...

Landry is a big drinker, and she always has a sippy cup (or two) wherever she goes. She will get in the drawer where she knows the cups are and ask for "Juuuuuuuuuuuice" (mainly water) or "mik."

She loves to help mommy clean by vaccuming or wiping up the floor with baby wipes. She is a hard worker...even in heels! :)

She LOVES shoes and constantly wants to have them on. It makes no difference if they are her shoes, mommy's shoes, or dress-up shoes...she loves them all! She likes to take her shoes on and off, and when we try to help her buckle them she says, "No, me!" Very independent.

She is the princess in this house, without a doubt! :)

But, even little princesses can dress up like pirates and dig in the dirt.

Love, love, love this sweet girl!