Monday, October 17, 2011

So many firsts!

Over the past few weeks, the kids have been having so many "firsts" that I thought I would just do a whole blog post to list them all. Some have pictures, some don't. They are growing so fast that it is just crazy!!

**An unfortunate first was that Landry learned how to take her clothes and diaper off in her crib and smeared poop everywhere during nap time one day. :) Luckily, Micah was home, so we were able to double team it. I am not sure I could have stomached that on my own. It was all over her and all over everything else as well! She hasn't seemed interested in undressing herself in bed since then...thank goodness! No're welcome!**

**Landry has learned how to crawl into Collier's swing and buckle herself in. This isn't a travel swing, it is the big one. She actually has to do some work to get in there, and it is hilarious to watch. I should really not let her do this, but luckily she hasn't pulled Collier out so that she could get in...yet!**

**When we got home from vacation, Collier started sleeping without his swaddle! Landry wanted to be swaddled until at least 4 months, but our little man doesn't seem to mind either way. He also started snuggling with his little monkey, and he seems to love it!**

**Landry went to her first official day of Mother's Day Out. I have taken her one time before, but we went late and left early. This time, she stayed all day and loved it! She even took a little nap which usually doesn't happen unless she is in her own bed. Below, she is posing with the picture she made that day and eating her after school snack. Too stinkin' sweet. In the second picture, you can see that she was DONE taking pictures. Sassy little thing!**

**We offered Collier a bottle the other night. Everything is calm in the picture below, but the peace didn't last long. He did NOT like it. We have tried 5 different bottles at this point, and nothing is working yet. He screams, holds his breath, arches his back, and is just miserable all over. It makes us crazy! Landry took a bottle at 6 weeks with no problem at all. We were not prepared for there to be "issues." What.the.heck? If anyone has suggestions...we are absolutely open to those!!**

**Collier started scooting the other day. He was on the couch on his belly, and all the sudden Landry started yelling for me. This is what I found when I came in, so I just HAD to grab the camera. She had her head below his to make sure he didn't fall off the couch! She was down there talking to him and giggling in between yelling "Mammmma!!!" She is already a protective big sister!**

**We went out to dinner a few weeks ago to celebrate Micah, Drew (my brother), and my birthdays that are all within about a week of eachother. While we were at the restaurant, Landry ate like she hadn't been fed all day. The girl just loves food! When we were done eating (and she had honestly eaten two plates full of pasta), we weren't paying attention, and she scooted the bread basket over to herself and was eating off the loaf! We could not stop laughing!**

**Our little man has started smiling, and it is just precious! He is super happy when he wakes up in the morning (usually around 9), and he will just grin and grin when we talk to him. We love that he is starting to interact with us more!**

I feel so blessed to be the mother to these little stinkers! They make our boring lives so much fun! :)


  1. Lindsey, we had the same problem with Treyson not wanting the bottle, and I had a friend who used the bottles that worked for us and she had success too! It's made by "The First Years" and we got ours at Babies R Us. It's called the Breastflow bottle. It's the only bottle I've seen like this. Good luck! (by the way, we used the regular breastflow bottle, not the ones with drop-in liners)

  2. Oh my goodness. I don't even know where to start with this post. Hilarious. Landry has the funniest personality. I love it! And I love the picture of her keeping Collier from falling off the couch and I love the picture of her after MDO. E is the same way. She cuts those eyes to the side, and you know that only can mean one thing...she is done! Love your sweet family. Collier is adorable and I still think he looks exactly like Tyler. Oh, and Happy Birthday! I'm sure belated!

  3. Thanks girls...y'all are so sweet!
    Amy, that was one of the bottles we tried! He seemed to like it the best, but still not a success. We are going to keep trying with that one though! Thanks for the suggestion!
    Kari Beth, can't wait to get the sassy little girls together again. We had so much fun last week!