Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

We had a fun Halloween with the kids this year. Landry was a pig, and Collier was a dragon. They were both cuties, but their costumes were bulky and hot! It worked out well on Sunday because our church Trunk or Treat got pretty chilly. My sister-in-laws (Micah's sister and my brother's wife) brought their kids to the church event too. Landry was so excited to get to see all of her cousins! Again...a little bit of picture overload!
The babies with Dado before Trunk-or-Treat

Our attempts at a family picture. :)

Cowboy Judd

Micah, Landry, Emily, and Avery

Landry playing on the bounce house!

Uncle Kyle

Police Officer only half his costume! :)

Sweet, teething Laurel

Loving on my sleeping dragon! :)

Today, we have just been hanging around the house most of the day. I had to get out for a doctor's appointment, so we went and visited Daddy at work for a little while. Landry's shirt says "Daddy is Under My Spell." SO TRUE! :)

We are at the age where every picture is an action shot!!

Checkin' out our little jack-o-lantern!

Look how calm she is when he cries. :) She is SO over it!

Tonight, we thought about going to Emily and Kyles church to do their Trunk-or-Treat with them, but this is what was going on at our house at 6:00!
It is a little hard to see, but Landry is passed out on her back with mouth WIDE open! She napped for over two hours this evening. Micah and I got to sit down and eat dinner with no babies. It is kind of like I got that date I have been talking about! :)
Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween!!!


  1. beautifil pics!!! Happy Halloween!!!!

    Landry is so cutee!!

  2. I love that little pig and dragon. Happy Halloween to all of you.