Friday, August 31, 2012

One Year Pics!

Oh y' know I am crazy obsessed with milestone pictures of my kids. So, here are a few {just 20!} of my favorites from Collier's one year session. 
I can never pick just one!

Micah's favorites are the ones of him pointing. :)

 "I'm ONE!"

Priceless! :)

Happy memories of my chunky nugget turning one. Love him, love pictures, overall just a happy mama! :)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

C is for Curious...

I know, it is way past time for a Collier update. He is growing so fast and changing so much that I just can't believe I'm not writing everything down! Well, I can sum up Collier's current stage in one word...curious. This boy wants to know about everything that is going on, and he wants to be right in the middle of it! 
I LOOOOOVE this stage. One year olds are challenging and they get frustrated easily because they can't always tell you what they want, but you can literally SEE their wheels turning as they learn new things each day. 
So, let's let the rambling begin as I tell you everything that is new with our little man...

He is a climber. He hikes his leg up to crawl out of the bathtub, up on stools, in and out of the toy car (he likes to crawl out through the window...and usually gets stuck), and he also likes to hide in cabinets if he can fit. Right now, he has one black eye and a big goose egg over the other eye. He constantly looks like he has been in battle, and he seems to like it that way. :)

Our tough little guy is hooked on the bottle now! I tried not to start this habit, but after he quit nursing, we had to get him to drink some milk! So, he takes 3 bottles a day (like clockwork), and will cry, point, and say "ba-ba!" if he sees it. Landry quit taking bottles completely on her first birthday, but I have no clue when we are going to be able to break him. If I try to put him down for naps without giving him the bottle first, he will just play in his crib for an hour instead of sleeping. Suggestions? We are going to work on breaking the habit when we get back from vacation in a few weeks. 
(Side note: We do NOT normally give him a bottle in his crib, but we did this night because he was super fussy and didn't want to be held. I thought it was so cute to watch him fall asleep on the monitor as he held the empty bottle. Precious baby!)

Collier finger painted for the first time yesterday, and he really wasn't a big fan. He ate a few bites, but that's about it. 

Colli is still not "walking," but it is going to happen fast. He took 12 steps yesterday, but then he leans down and takes off crawling. I'm in no hurry, but I bet that while we are on vacation with the cousins that he decides he wants to chase after them!

Other updates:
-Collier is talking up a storm! He is repeating a lot of words, but regularly says: hi, bye bye, ba-ba (bottle), ni-ni (night night), mommy, daddy, Landry, blanket, woof woof, bite, ball, and other things that my tired brain can't think of right now.
-When he isn't talking, he is pointing and grunting at EVERYTHING. 
-He is still sleeping in his crib all night and normally sleeps 7:30-7:30. He loves his rest, and he will normally tell me about 9:30 in the morning, "ni-ni!" and come crawl in my lap or lay his head down on the floor. He naps at 9:30 and 2:00. 
-Both kids start MDO tomorrow, and this will be Collier's first "official" day. He dropped in a few times last year, but never for the whole day. I am excited to see how he does, and I am also excited to have a little ME time. I have a long list of boring errands to run tomorrow, but I am going to be thrilled to jump in and out of the car quickly. It is amazing how much I can get done on my own!
-Oh my gosh...I almost forgot to mention what sweet kisses Colli-bean is giving. I mean, seriously, they will melt your heart. He will grab your face, open his mouth, and plant one on you. He prefers lip kisses, but he will make due with your cheek if that is all he can get. 
-Also, our house is going to be destroyed by the time Collier is through with it. He has chewed on some of our cabinets like a dog, rammed toys into our baseboards, and tried pulling our shutters and curtains off the walls several times. He finds ways to get into rooms he shouldn't be in (because some how he convinces Landry to open doors for him!), and within 30 seconds will have a book torn to shreds, a whole roll of toilet paper un-rolled, or items thrown in the toilet that don't belong. Life is getting exciting!

I snapped these pictures this morning.  Like I said before, Collier is curious, and he is soaking up so much! I loved seeing him flip through the book, point at things, and make lots of different noises. 

And, let's just state the obvious...Collier is huge. He and Landry weigh the same and currently wear the same shoe size. He is wearing 24 month clothes (some 18 month pants), size 4 diapers, and size 6.5 shoes.
He has the craziest little curly mullet growing, but Micah still says we are not cutting it. 
I really love him! 

Monday, August 27, 2012


Much to Landry's disbelief, I was two once. When I show her pictures of me when I was her age, she says, "that's me!" 
So, hoarding running in my family sometimes comes in handy. :) My mother and grandmother saved so many things from when I was little, and it is fun to look through them and try different things on Landry. 
Here are some pictures from my 2nd birthday. I had a dinosaur dress and a dino themed party. I think my mom told me the whole party was planned around THE dress. 

I was a happy little stinker, huh? :)

Landry wore the dress on Saturday, and she was SO proud. She loved the dinosaurs and kept telling me, "My dress says ROAR!!" 
I didn't have any really cool knee high socks to put on her...bummer. 

What do you think? Does she look like me? I see some things...face shape, extreme good looks, etc. :) My eyes are blue, but not BLUE like her's, Collier's, and Micah's. A lot of people who knew me when I was little say she looks just like me when they meet her. BUT, people also say I look just like my mom and I don't see that! It is going to be so fun watching her grow...she is precious on the outside, but what you don't always see is her beautiful heart. She is a doll!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Four Years Down...Forever To Go!

Well, yesterday marked 4 years that Micah and I have been married! Micah mentioned it to me several weeks ago, and I bought myself a gift from him (ha!), but I totally forgot when the day came. He texted me yesterday morning when he got to work to tell me, "happy anniversary," and how great and fabulous I am (of course!). The funny part is, he pretty much forgot about it too and was only reminded by his work calendar. 
Neither of us are big anniversary celebrators....really, not celebrators of much. We don't get each other gifts for most occasions, but we will purchase things and say, "look what you bought me!" 
We totally love each other, and basically try to celebrate our marriage everyday. We infuriate one another to no end, but there is no one else on this earth that I would rather tell about my day, stand beside while he does the dishes, share the love of our children with, and on and on and on. 

Wasn't the title of this post clever? :) One of my favorite friends texted me that sweet message yesterday...thanks Camille. 

So, here are a few pics from 4 years ago...

Looking back, my flowers were one of my favorite things. Love those bright colors!

And, since I forgot about our anniversary totally, I decided to do something fun last night. I pulled my wedding dress out of the attic and had it on when Micah got home from work. When I saw him pull in the driveway, I started playing the song I walked down the isle to, and walked around the corner as he came in. 
Landry thought it was hilarious, and she told me that I was, "the biggest princess ever, ever, ever!" I don't think she meant it as a compliment. 
And, FYI...picking up babies in fully beaded wedding gowns should be on your list of things not to do. 

We had a fun night of hanging out as a little family. Micah got home late, so we celebrated over cold dinner and squealing babies. I know this is a phase in our lives, and I know that there will probably be plenty of years where we have time to plan out fun dates and remember our anniversary and stuff. :) I love where we are right now in our lives. Perfectly perfect. 
We even popped open a bottle of wine from our honeymoon in Italy after the kiddos went to bed. Oh, to be in Italy again would be fabulous, but I can't begin to imagine being that far away from these little nuggets of mine!
I am so happy, so blessed, and so thankful for the partner-in-crime that God made for me!  

Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Weir Wedding!

Finally, some pictures from Tyler and Emily's wedding weekend! 

On Friday, Emily's aunts put on a fabulous bridesmaid's luncheon for all the bridesmaids and the ladies in the families. It was at a cute restaurant in Tulsa, and they had some of the sweetest traditions that they shared.
The theme was "Pearls of Wisdom," and they handed out long strands of pearls to everyone and had each of us write "something wise" on a card for us to hang on the tree for Tyler and Emily. It was adorable.  
Just in case you were wondering, my advice was to pray together as a family everyday. 

Friday night was the rehearsal dinner at a fun place called Stokley Event Center. It is an old warehouse where they used to paint business signs, and now it is used for special events. They have tons of signs and really cool light-up signs hanging from the ceiling. It was great!

Bride and Groom

One of my favorite the bathroom. :)

One of Tyler's besties since he was a baby was one of the bridesmaids (and super good friends with Emily now too!). I think she may have been the matchmaker. :) 

Landry and Emily's little sister were big buddies all weekend!

On Saturday, all the girls got together to get our hair done and get all fancied up. 

Landry looked precious as the flower girl, and she and Judd did such a great job gettin' down the isle!

Two of my favorite men...
 During the ceremony...gorgeous!
They got married at a chapel on the TU campus. 

The reception was so much fun, and everything was gorgeous! 
They had a fun band, so the dance floor was busy! We brought babysitters with us so that they could take the kids back to the hotel so that we could stay and have fun. Best.idea.ever. 

Couldn't be happier for Tyler and Emily! Such a fun night!!