Friday, August 24, 2012

Four Years Down...Forever To Go!

Well, yesterday marked 4 years that Micah and I have been married! Micah mentioned it to me several weeks ago, and I bought myself a gift from him (ha!), but I totally forgot when the day came. He texted me yesterday morning when he got to work to tell me, "happy anniversary," and how great and fabulous I am (of course!). The funny part is, he pretty much forgot about it too and was only reminded by his work calendar. 
Neither of us are big anniversary celebrators....really, not celebrators of much. We don't get each other gifts for most occasions, but we will purchase things and say, "look what you bought me!" 
We totally love each other, and basically try to celebrate our marriage everyday. We infuriate one another to no end, but there is no one else on this earth that I would rather tell about my day, stand beside while he does the dishes, share the love of our children with, and on and on and on. 

Wasn't the title of this post clever? :) One of my favorite friends texted me that sweet message yesterday...thanks Camille. 

So, here are a few pics from 4 years ago...

Looking back, my flowers were one of my favorite things. Love those bright colors!

And, since I forgot about our anniversary totally, I decided to do something fun last night. I pulled my wedding dress out of the attic and had it on when Micah got home from work. When I saw him pull in the driveway, I started playing the song I walked down the isle to, and walked around the corner as he came in. 
Landry thought it was hilarious, and she told me that I was, "the biggest princess ever, ever, ever!" I don't think she meant it as a compliment. 
And, FYI...picking up babies in fully beaded wedding gowns should be on your list of things not to do. 

We had a fun night of hanging out as a little family. Micah got home late, so we celebrated over cold dinner and squealing babies. I know this is a phase in our lives, and I know that there will probably be plenty of years where we have time to plan out fun dates and remember our anniversary and stuff. :) I love where we are right now in our lives. Perfectly perfect. 
We even popped open a bottle of wine from our honeymoon in Italy after the kiddos went to bed. Oh, to be in Italy again would be fabulous, but I can't begin to imagine being that far away from these little nuggets of mine!
I am so happy, so blessed, and so thankful for the partner-in-crime that God made for me!  


  1. so sweet! thank you for sharing! Many blessings to you every day!!

  2. Happy Anniversary to you two! Oh, I wish I could wear my wedding dress still....that was 20 pounds ago :) You look amazing!!!