Tuesday, August 14, 2012

She's the silliest...

Landry is hilarious, basically. She makes us laugh all the time and always has something witty to say. 
I was unpacking from our trip Sunday evening, and came back in our bedroom to find this...

She fit under that bag perfectly, and I honestly didn't realize where she was for several seconds. Until I heard, "Where's Andy?!" coming from underneath. :)

A few other funny things she has been saying...
- She is learning about bribery (uh oh!) and said to me this morning, "Mommy, I play with Colliers if I watch my show." 
- She loves to spell her name for everyone and has it down perfectly. I have started working with her on spelling other things, and I was teaching her that Collier's name starts with a C. Now, if you ask her how to spell his name, she says "C-A-N-D-R-Y! Colliers!"
-The other day, I told her that she was acting Goofy, and she said, "You Donald!" from Mickey Mouse. :)
-She loves to tell me that I have "messy eyes" when I wake up in the morning. This weekend with meeting several new people at the wedding, I had a few of them tell me that she introduced herself and told them, "I Landry. My mommy has messy eyes." What a sweet girl!

She is really into timeout right now. It doesn't seem to bother her when she has to sit there, but it really seems to work for her to get her mind off of whatever she is throwing her most recent fit over. I came into my bedroom the other day, and she had pulled her stool up to the end of the bed, and she and piggy were in timeout together.  

And, this has to be one of my all time favorite Landry sayings to date. 
The picture below is Landry's 6 month picture, and it is hanging up our stairs. We walk past it multiple times a day, and it has taken her a while to realize that it is a picture of her when she was a baby. She is understanding that now, and will regularly tell us, "That's me!" or "Baby Landry so pretty!" 
One morning when I was carrying her down the stairs, she pointed to it and said, "That's me in timeout!" 
:) I love her!

Happy Tuesday!

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