Monday, August 27, 2012


Much to Landry's disbelief, I was two once. When I show her pictures of me when I was her age, she says, "that's me!" 
So, hoarding running in my family sometimes comes in handy. :) My mother and grandmother saved so many things from when I was little, and it is fun to look through them and try different things on Landry. 
Here are some pictures from my 2nd birthday. I had a dinosaur dress and a dino themed party. I think my mom told me the whole party was planned around THE dress. 

I was a happy little stinker, huh? :)

Landry wore the dress on Saturday, and she was SO proud. She loved the dinosaurs and kept telling me, "My dress says ROAR!!" 
I didn't have any really cool knee high socks to put on her...bummer. 

What do you think? Does she look like me? I see some things...face shape, extreme good looks, etc. :) My eyes are blue, but not BLUE like her's, Collier's, and Micah's. A lot of people who knew me when I was little say she looks just like me when they meet her. BUT, people also say I look just like my mom and I don't see that! It is going to be so fun watching her grow...she is precious on the outside, but what you don't always see is her beautiful heart. She is a doll!

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