Thursday, August 9, 2012

"I a princess!"

Landry has started saying, "I a princess!" when she has a dress on. She will twirl in circles and loves to watch her dress as she spins around. It is so sweet. I wanted to get her picture the other day when she was being super cute, but you know how photo sessions with a 2 year old go...

Here is when I said, "Landry you BETTER show Mommy your eyes!"

"Show Mommy your eyes AND smile!"

What a sassy little stinker...

Our little princess has been gone a few days this week with Micah's parents in Branson. Seriously, they are brave. They took 3 of their grandkids to Silver Dollar City...5 and under. I know they had to be worn out by the end of those 3 days. :) She got home yesterday, and we REALLY missed her while she was gone. Sometimes it is nice to have a break, but we were super ready for her to get back home from this trip. She was excited to see us, but even more excited to see Collier. She got right back in the routine of bossing him around, and her new favorite thing to tell him is, "Colliers, no ma'am!" It makes me giggle every time she says it. 

I know Collier missed his sister, but he relished in the joys of being an only child while she was gone too. :) He got to nap on my chest more than once, and he was a warm and sweaty little cuddle bug. I loved every minute of it!

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