Monday, August 20, 2012

Party Time!

We love to party y'all! Collier's first birthday party was Saturday, and both of the kids were up and at it early that morning ready for the party to start. Landry got all decked out for the pony rides, and she kept telling me, "I a COWGIRL princess!" 
We had such a good time celebrating and visiting with friends and family. Dado and Nana brought their ponies down, and it was so much fun! Get ready for picture overload. In case you are wondering where Collier is in most of these pictures, he was napping. :) He got up so early, that he ended up having to go down for a nap about half-way through the party. We rearranged the schedule a little bit for him, and it worked out perfectly. We did presents and cake first and then sent the sugar-high-kiddos outside to play. Perfect!
Now, lots of pictures!

Little Micah got his daddy's hand-me-down train from when he was little, so we decorated with it. 

Collier got so shy when everyone was singing happy birthday. :) Loved his snuggles. 

We headed outside to do pony rides, finger paint, jump on the trampoline, play on the swing set, and several other little games. I think the kids (and parents!) had a fun time. 

Lots of first birthdays coming up this next year! We had 8 babies under one here and two pregnant friends! :)

The youngest cowboy...<3 p="p">

Lydia was too big for the pony rides...

Little man finally woke up right after the party ended...I look ready for a nap at this point! 

Lots of wild balloons still hanging out near our ceiling. 

We did take Collier outside before the party started to get his picture on one of the ponies. Good thing!

The invitations for the party were ordered through Etsy. I hand-made Landry's first invites, so I wanted his to at least be hand-made by SOMEBODY. :) I thought they turned out so cute. 

We had Collier's one-year pictures made yesterday afternoon, so I will have lots to share soon! 

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