about us

We are the Gibsons.
We live in Arkansas, and have a fabulously "normal" life. 
Micah and I were married in August of 2008, and enjoyed the joys of being newlyweds...traveling, hanging out with friends, going out to dinner all the time, enjoying our work lives, lounging and watching countless hours of TV whenever we wanted. 
Then, one week before our one year anniversary, we found out we were pregnant! Unexpectedly, our "plans" for the next several years went up in flames.

Our sweet girl, Landry Elise, came in April 2010. 
Shortly after, Micah "Collier", surprised us in August of 2011. 
Then, we received the blessing of adoption with Parke Henry in January 2013. 

We look back on our time before kids, and we can't imagine where we would be if we had really stuck to our "no kids for 5 years rule" that we set for ourselves. In reality, we had 3 kids within the 5 year time we said we would have no kids! It's funny how God's plans are so different than what we plan for ourselves. I'm SO GLAD he is in control and not us. He knew exactly what we needed to make our hearts full. 

Our days are crazy, our hands are full, but we enjoy {almost} every second of it! :)
We try to live each day at a time, and we are blessed greatly by this life God has provided. 
Our family isn't perfect, and I try to be as real as possible through my blog posts. Parenting is hard, marriage is hard, losing a child is HARD....but ultimately God is good. He is the reason I am able to meet each day with a smile. I hope you enjoy our randomness! 

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  1. Can you email me personally regarding your adoptions? We are praying about adoption and I am having trouble getting families with similar interests in adoption to contact me. If you have time, I will be so grateful! I understand too if you would rather not. Thank you.