Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Let's skip to Christmas...

I was terrible about getting Thanksgiving pictures this year, so we are just going to skip to Christmas. We decorated the tree this past weekend, so we decided to try to get a few cute pics of the kids together in their 
Christmas jammies. 
At first, Landry was excited. Especially when she thought she was getting to pose alone. :)

We have been known to have serious mood swings at our house. For example, Landry can go 
from this...

to this...

to this...

in a matter of 3 camera flashes. 
Collier is pretty much good to go as long as he has his blankie. :)

Excited about our Christmas this year and know that these two monkeys will be SO much fun! 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Little Stinkers...

Seriously, how could you not love these ornery little faces? 

Lots of exciting things are going on at our house right now, but one thing is SUPER exciting...Landry is getting a new big girl room! 
Bye bye nursery! 

Hello blank canvas ready to be changed up! 
Landry will keep the pink furniture, but I am looking for the perfect headboard for her. It might take me a while because I have a specific idea in my head...that always causes me problems! I've found her comforter and curtains, but I am going to take my time getting it all put back together. She doesn't mind sleeping in an empty room. :) So, pictures to come NEXT YEAR when I finally get around to getting it finished. 

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Our trip...

I'm a little behind with our trip, Thanksgiving, and all sorts of other craziness going on. That's okay...we have really been enjoying ourselves, and it is always nice to have a little blogging break! 
Also, my computer is all sorts of jacked up, and we will be purchasing a new one on "Cyber Monday." Hopefully I will actually be able to download pictures on the computer again and not have to upload from my iPhone! When it's easy to upload pictures, I am much more likely to blog. :) 

So, here's a quick run-down of our trip. We went to Chicago for four nights, and it was fabulous! Micah had to work one day, and we had two dinner events while we were there. Other than that, we got to hang out, shop, sleep in, and eat good food! We LOVE Chicago, and always say that it is our favorite "big city!" It's easy to get around, tons of stuff to do and see, and just so much fun! 

A few of my favorite things we did while we were there...
-After dinner one night we went up to the Hancock Observatory Bar and hung out with friends. It was a super clear night, and you could see the whole stinkin' city! (96th floor!) 
-American Girl store...of course! I love American Girl and collected the dolls growing up. I planned to pass one of my dolls down to Landry this year for Christmas since we gave her my Bitty Baby last year, BUT I of course changed my mind once I got there. She can Collier are getting the Bitty Twins from my mom. They seriously look just like them, and Collier is always trying to play with Landry's babies. It will be sweet for them to each have their own little mini-me. :) 
-We went to Second City comedy Club...twice! The shows are absolutely hilarious, and I know we will see some of these people in movies before long. This is the club where Tina Fey, Steve Carell, Jim Belushi,  Chris Farley and several others started. It was so much fun! 
-We were also there the weekend that they lit the magnificent mile for Christmas. That was pretty cool! 

Really, we just had a great time. It was awesome to re-fuel, relax, and actually have complete conversations with Micah. We weren't running or as busy as we were while in Vegas, and that was nice. I am blessed with sweet grandparents and babysitters who love my kiddos enough to keep them while we are gone. We came back to reality, we are back in the groove, and SO extremely thankful for the life that we have here in Arkansas. I wouldn't trade it for the world! 

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!  

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


My kids have become obsessed with FaceTime. We are able to talk and see my mom and Micah's parents almost everyday, and that totally spoils the kids. If they are on the phone with someone "normally," Landry is always trying to show them something and saying, "look at this!" One of their favorite parts is seeing themselves on the screen before they answer. :)

I love the silly faces they make and how excited they get to see their grandparents. Technology is a cool thing! :)

Monday, November 12, 2012

Guess what?!

We have a big girl at our house who slept in a big bed all by herself last night!
We've been talking to Landry about moving her crib out of her room, but we didn't want to do that until we gave it a test run. We moved the bed around in the guest bedroom, and she slept in there all night! I had her monitor in there so that I could watch what she did, and she flopped all around the bed all night, but never woke up. She woke up so proud of herself this morning! A new big girl room will be coming soon for this sweet girl. :) By the way, it is hilarious to hear your 2 year old tell people she slept in the "guest room." 

When the kiddos woke up this morning, they watched a show in our bed while we were getting ready. These two are such cuties together. 

But they also fight like crazy. Especially when we are trying to get out the door to go somewhere. 

Have a good week! :)

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Girl Things and Boy Things

To be honest, I'm not sure where this post is going. I have pictures I want to share and things I want to say, but it is all a big mess inside my head.'s to hoping that it comes out and makes any kind of sense. It's just one of those days. :) 

Micah and I are totally blessed by Landry and Collier. Their differences make our lives exciting and fun. We have no idea what is about to come out of their mouths, the crazy things they think about, or when an unexpected sweet moment will catch us off-guard. They are precious. 
We have never been big gender role freaks. I know some good friends of ours who would fall over dead if they saw their little boy in a tutu or their little girl in camo, but we just kind of go with whatever they like that day. Landry in-particular has "flavors of the week" as we call them, and we know her phases pass quickly...UNLESS we make a big deal about it. Ha! 

I will stop rambling and just show some sweet pics of our kiddos from this past week. 

This picture makes me smile. Landry was all decked out and excited about heading to dance class. Collier was just like, "Hey! I'm here! What's going on?" He is such a doll and oblivious to most things going on around him. Landry has shown so much excitement, anger, and passion since she was a baby. Collier is pretty much cool as a cucumber...until he's not. 

Our little "bal-ina!"

Quiet Collier loves to read and can be caught with a book a lot of the time. He is a sweet little "thinker," and I love that about him. 

Now, the gender role comment might make more sense. Collier loves Landry's "pretty" things. He will steal headbands off her head, put them around his neck, and say "ahhh, pretty!" :) It seriously makes me laugh out loud. And, can't you just imagine how Ms. Personality freaks out about this? 

I caught Collier with the "Hello Titty" purse slung across his body the other day. How did he figure out how to do this?! He played with that thing for HOURS. 

And, the dress-up goes both ways in this family. We got this picture from our babysitter, Jane, the other day while we were at the Razorback game. Landry the pirate! Scary stuff, y'all!

We have so much fun with the kids. As much as they play with each other's toys and clothes, we seriously have 100% boy and 100% girl. I know I have said that before, but it still amazes me the differences between them. I have asked a lot of friends if it is just two different children or the different genders....pretty sure it is gender in our situation. Collier is rough and tough. He has no limits and doesn't understand when he is playing too rough for his sensitive big sister. Landry is girly-girl most of the time and wants to be pampered, play nicely, and apologizes profusely if she thinks she hurt someone's feelings. 

So, that brings me to this morning's pictures. I am thankful to have a sweet little mini-me that I am confident will be my best friend for life (after the teenage years, for sure). She is the most compassionate little stinker I know, and I feel like I learn so much from her everyday. 

I love waking up some mornings to this little tutu-booty in my bed. This girl loves her "princess" and wants to wear one to bed almost every night. 

And lazy Saturday mornings make my heart happy. Especially when my precious girl wants her fingers painted because they are, "yucky, yucky, gross mama!" 

I love my babies and cannot imagine my life without them for a second! Micah and I may be going on another trip next week, and my mama heart might be freaking out again, BUT I am trying to cherish these sweet moments with my man while I can. Time away makes me a better (less stressed!) mama, and I love to reconnect with Micah without the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 

Monday, November 5, 2012

Dance Class!

Landry has been taking dance class this fall, and she loves it! Most of the time we don't get to watch, but they had a parents' day last week. It was so fun to see how Landry acts around other kids. She is definitely not a follower, but really not a leader either. She was pretty much in her own world. She followed direction pretty well, and loved checking herself out in the mirror. :)
Sweet little memories.