Monday, August 29, 2011

We are still here!

We are still here! Yesterday (Monday) was my first "normal" day home with the babies all by myself. It was wonderful! Both babies got baths and dressed before noon, they both took two naps at the same time, I got some things done around the house, and I was even able to shower and dry my hair before Micah got home from work. May seem like it isn't a big deal, but it was a success for us! :) We have had wonderful families from our church bringing us meals over the past two weeks...we had one delivered last night, so I didn't even have to worry about dinner. Such a blessing!

Landry still has 8 teeth coming in, so she has been a little grumpy. Even after sharing a yummy bowl of ice cream with mommy!

If you look closely, you can see all the bottom teeth coming in. The "pointy" ones, and the ones behind them. Poor baby!!

This sweet thing is content eating and sleeping! He eats SO much, and has been consistently gaining around an ounce a day since he was born. I am so thankful that he is a great eater and that breastfeeding is going smoothly, but he wears me out when he wants to eat for a straight hour or two!

We introduced the pacifier last night, and he did okay with it. I have always said that I wouldn't do this before 6 weeks or so, but he was just ready. Obviously, he prefers to nurse, but it will be nice to have an option to soothe him when I know he can't possibly be hungry!

Landry is still being a sweet big sister. She loves to be close to Collier and snuggle with him while she watches T.V. I have to watch her to make sure she is gentle with him, but she does great most of the time!

This morning, our fall Bible study started back at church. We are reading through the Bible in one year, and I LOVE going on Tuesday mornings. Amazingly, we got out the door and made it on time! It was great to be back, and it was fun getting to see everyone after our summer break. One funny thing that happened before we left the house was after I got Landry dressed and her shoes on. I told her we were going "bye-bye," and she got SO excited. Collier was in the bathroom in his bouncy seat while I finished getting dressed and getting our stuff in the car. Landry went in to where he was and kneeled down beside him. She knows she isn't supposed to touch him, so she got her hand about an inch away from his face and started waving and saying "bye-bye! See ya!" It was hilarious! I told her that we had to bring brother with us, and she didn't seem too happy about that. She got over it quickly! :) Love these sweet memories we are making!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

I can't stop laughing...

These pictures are from the day before Collier was born, so I hadn't had a chance to post them until now. I look at them and just about DIE laughing each time. These pictures will most definitely be pulled back out when Landry starts dating! :)

The other night Micah was tightening something on the dishwasher, and Landry wanted to help.

It is only natural that she would want to help, because she is OBVIOUSLY an experienced plumber.

I am really not even sure how she got her diaper pulled down so low, but you have to admit this is pretty impressive. Between Landry's crack and the hole in Micah's shirt, there is no denying that we are just a bunch of rednecks. :) I wouldn't want it any other way!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Trying to catch up...

This post is going to be a little bit all over the place, but I have several random pictures that I want to get caught up sharing. We have had a busy week...Micah went back to work, it was our 3 year wedding anniversary, and we are still trying to figure out this whole 2 children thing. :) Landry has been so sweet throughout the whole transition to being a big sister, but she is definitely wanting a little extra love and attention. We are happy to give her as much as she wants!
Now, the randomness begins....

Landry crawled up in my lap the other night when I was feeding Collier. She wanted RIGHT in my lap and couldn't really understand why the baby wouldn't move. She ended up getting comfy beside me and watching tv for a bit before bed. This was heavenly holding both of my precious babies!

Daddy having a conversation with Collier. I think they are going to have the most special relationship as Collier gets bigger. Can't wait to watch!

At the end of last week, we took Landry to play and have breakfast at Chick-fil-A while Micah was still home from work. She LOVED having the special play time and getting to be out of the house for a while.

Gigi has been here helping several days over the past few weeks. She was vaccuming throughout the house last week, and Landry followed her from room to room with her vaccum. It was so cute to watch her try to help cleaning!

Yesterday, Landry went home with Gigi for a few days. I bawled like a baby when she left, but I know she is having a blast and I am getting caught up on some much needed rest. She was honestly SO excited to leave that it kind of made me sad. She has been crying every time anyone leaves our house and wanting to go with them. Ha! We know that she is just wanting to go outside the front door for the most part, but she will throw a good fit!

Landry waved "bye-bye" to brother and headed towards the door. I had to walk outside with her before she would even let me hug her and give her a kiss because she thought that I was going to hold her back from leaving. I know this is a phase, so I am not letting it bother me. BUT, I cannot wait for her to get back home tomorrow!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Our first week!

We have survived our first week with two children! :) It has been an interesting transition, but we have really enjoyed spending time as a family of four this week and loving on each other. Micah took a week of vacation, so he got to be here with us 24/7....that was a lot of fun! Landry loved having the extra attention, and I loved being able to focus on 10 things at a time instead of 20. Ha! Really, our midwife suggested that I not walk up and down the stairs (and definitely not carry Landry up to her room) for two weeks, so it was almost not an option that he stayed home. The grandmothers have been here helping some, and will be helping next week as Micah goes back to work.
This week, Collier has been doing a lot of sleeping, eating, pooping...all the normal stuff! We went to the doctor when he was 4 days old, and he had already gained almost 4 ounces. The doctor said he was really impressed that he was even back up to his birth weight because most babies aren't at that point. Let me tell you, this boy is an eater!!

We have also been focusing a lot on making Landry feel like Collier is her special baby. Each morning when she gets up, Micah gets her milk and brings her in to our bed. The first several mornings, she would just stare at Collier and have a look like, "what is HE still doing here??" She is really starting to warm up to him though, and loves holding him, kissing him, and tickling his toes. She is going to be a sweet big sister!

Collier doesn't know what to think here of his wild big sister! :)

Loving this crazy phase in our lives, and loving these two amazing blessings! Hopefully I will be back to blogging full swing over the next few days....we have lots to catch up on!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Collier has arrived!

Sorry for the delay of posting! We have had our hands a little full the past few days. :) Micah Collier Gibson graced us with his presence Friday morning, August 12, at 9 AM. He weighed 8 pounds 8 ounces and was 21 1/2 inches long...a big boy!

I have not quite bounced back from this labor like I did Landry's. After 2 1/2 days, I am still feeling a little blah and staying in my pj's. I know some of you were wondering about if he had arrived, so I wanted to be sure to get this out there! Probably will be on a blogging break for a few days...

Proud daddy!

Sweet little chubkins!

Proud mommy with a cheesy pose! :)

Brother and sister meeting for the first time. She seemed pretty excited, but a little confused.

Landry checking out all of Collier's parts...."eyes!"

Micah and I with our sweet boy!

Thank you for all your prayers for our family....they were/are very much appreciated!
Will hopefully have lots of new exciting pictures in a few days!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hair Salon...

This morning started out as one of "those" mornings for us. Landry decided to wake up at 6:15 and did not want to go back to sleep. I went ahead and got up when I heard her fussing and tried to get a shower and my hair washed before I got her out of bed. **Side note: I have been trying to make sure that I get up and shower, wash my hair, and put on makeup every morning....just in case we go into labor. LOL. Definitely NOT our normal daily routine.**
Micah got Landry out of her crib about 7, and she was extremely fussy. We gave her milk and let her lay in our bed for a few minutes while we finished getting ready. Micah rushed out the door as soon as he could...I think he was super thankful to have to go to work this morning and save his ears from the screaming! :)
I got Landry in her highchair, sliced her a banana, and gave her a fork to eat. I came back in a few minutes to find 3/4 of the banana mushed in her hair instead of eaten and she was screaming. This is really not like her because normally she has that thing eaten in about 5 seconds and is ready for something more to eat! Anyway, I wiped her down with a kitchen towel, tried to "wet-comb" the bananas out of her hair, and then we went to play. I noticed that Landry's hair didn't seem to be drying, and when she came to sit in my lap to read, I realized why...It was dry. The bananas had just made her hair like a helmet and hard as a rock. It was hilarious....literally, her hair wouldn't move!
With being so far along in our pregnancy, Landry has been getting baths at night when Micah is here to help or getting in the shower with us. It is WAY hard for me to bend over the bathtub right now, so it just isn't happening. She got a great, long bath last night, so I hated to go to the trouble of taking another shower before 9:00 just to wash her hair. SO....we played hair salon instead! :) I didn't know how this was going to go over, but Landry loved it!

I sat up a little hair washing station...with a neck roll and all!

I didn't think there was any way that Landry would lean back and let me wash her hair, but she did! She leaned back the whole time and just loved the warm water being poured over her and me rubbing on her head. We were even able to wash AND condition which has been a rarity the past few weeks.

After the washing, she sat in my vanity chair while I dried her hair. She loves sitting up there, looking in the mirror, and playing with all of the goodies.

After we dried her hair, she got a "mini-facial" with mommy's lotion. She is obsessed with lotion and loves rubbing it in her hands and then on her belly or face. She really watches what we do! :)

Then, we had a clean, happy girl who went down for an early nap! Hoping that the rest of our day goes a little more smoothly when she wakes up!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

39 (and a half!) weeks...

Collier is officially due to arrive in less than a week, and that just seems CRAZY to me! We have been "ready" for his arrival for a while, but the thought of him actually being here is just nuts. Our midwife is out of the country until the 15th, so we don't mind if he ends up coming a few days late. We DO have a back-up plan now, so he can really come whenever he wants....I know he will anyway!

My pregnancy so far has been easy just like it was with Landry. In the beginning of both, I had a little morning sickness (much more with Landry), but after that I have just felt great and loved each moment of being pregnant. It isn't anything I really focus on a lot, and in the first several months I remember thinking...."oh yeah, I'm pregnant!" The other night I was in bed and feeling Collier move around a lot. I couldn't help but wonder if I will feel that again some day. It is a feeling that is so hard to describe, but very precious to experience. I feel extremely blessed to have had two wonderful pregnancies so far, and we are praying for another wonderful delivery!

Here are a few pictures my mom took yesterday...

39 1/2 weeks with Collier!

This picture seems like it was taken forever ago...

40 weeks with Landry!

I have actually gained 5 pounds less with Collier than I did with Landry, but I feel like my belly looks so much bigger! I can't wait to see the size difference in these two little monkeys!

Friday, August 5, 2011

"Is that Richard?"

"Is that Richard....Richard Simmons?" That is what Micah said when he saw these pictures from the other morning. I was thinking more Jane Fonda. Either way, Landry was a workout queen. She cried until I helped her put her shoes on, found my elastic headband and put it on her head, and then she pranced around the house for a good half hour. She is constantly cracking us up!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sweet Little Helper...

Landry has been busy the past few days helping me get Collier's room finished and taking care of her babies. She is just the sweetest thing ever. She is working through wanting to put all of his clothes and hats on, and then when we tell her "that is for baby," she tries dressing her baby dolls in the clothes.

She is going to be the sweetest big sister when Collier gets here!

You know how I had been super worried and sad about changing Landry's life so much by having a baby? Well, so many of you have sent sweet emails encouraging me and telling me that she is going to survive. :) Last night, we met with our midwife, Nancy, and she had some "words of wisdom" for us as always. When I told her I was starting to get sad about taking time away from Landry and her life being turned upside down, she basically said..."That is what life is about. God created us to give to others, and just imagine how much Landry is going to give to Collier's life (and him to hers!). God didn't create this world to be all about each of us, even Landry. :)"

Then, I said something about how I knew I was going to love them the same, and she said..."No, you probably won't. I love my boys very differently, but they are both my precious sons, and they argue regularly over who is my favorite. God loves us all differently too. Sorry Micah, I am God's #1....but so are you!"

Simple, to the point, but definitely something I needed to hear. I know God loves us each dearly, and his love for each of us is equal but different based on who we are. I also know God has a plan for Landry's life, and I know being a great big sister is part of that plan. I pray for her little heart to be strong and understand that we still lov0moo and back....and we will love Collier to the moon and back too!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Day In Our Lives: Saturday

Saturday was a busy day for us, and we have seemed to be a little crazy since then! That morning, I had a joint family baby shower with my "cousin-in-law" Brittany. She is married to one of Micah's cousins, and they live in Joplin right now. This is their second baby, and they are having a GIRL! It was so much fun to have a pink and blue shower, and we got to watch eachother open fun gifts for the opposite sex. They already have a little boy, and we have Landry, so it was fun that we are both getting to have new experiences!
Check out this belly picture...

Brittany is teeny-tiny to begin with, but check out that belly! She is due almost a whole month after me, but she looks like she is ready to pop! It is ALL baby, so she might have a big girl on her hands. :)

Me with Micah's mom and sister (the shower was at Emily's house!).

We had "C" cupcakes for Collier and "A" cupcakes for Ainsley.

Cute little pink forks with blue napkins.

Opening gifts....we got some of the cutest boy stuff! When we found out we were having a boy, I wasn't all that excited about clothes and things. With him being the second though, we are getting all sorts of fun outfits and monogrammed items since we already have all the necessities.!!
During the shower, most of the guys hung out at our house visiting. Landry stayed there with them and got a good morning nap during the shower. After we were done, we all went to lunch together.

Aunt Emily and Gigi dressed Landry up in their jewlery, and she thought she was big stuff! She loves eating lemons right now, and will throw a fit until we give her one to chew on. The bitterness doesn't even phase her!

After lunch, Brittany, two of Micah's aunts, and his Grandmama wanted to come back to see the house. The guys tagged along too, but they had already seen everything earlier.

Micah started a movie in the media room, and the kids were entertained for quite a while while we all got to chat. It was so much fun getting to catch up with everyone, and we are blessed to have aunts, uncles, cousins, and all sorts of other extended family around to celebrate our lives with!

Everyone left the house by about 4:30, and we put Landry down for a late afternoon nap. She ended up sleeping until 6:45!! She was worn out from playing so hard.

Later that evening, Landry helped Micah and I take tags off of the new clothes to wash (yeah right).

She was DETERMINED to get one of the baby socks on, and she worked on this for a good 20 minutes.

Landry got tired of playing with Collier's clothes and decided to play "mommy" instead. She is totally getting into her groove of wanting to feed babies, dress babies, rock babies, etc. It is funny timing because we really hadn't been talking about Collier coming very much to her...we just figured she wouldn't understand. Well, she does, and she seems to be excited! Hope that lasts.

This is one of my favorite pictures ever of Landry! :) I say that all the time, but she just cracks me up wanting to put on headbands all the time. Here, she had been watching herself feed her baby a bottle in the mirror.

That night, my dad called to see if Landry was still awake about 8:00. Obviously, she was after napping so late! So, Dado and Nana made a quick visit to see Landry and check out the project that we did in Collier's room. Landry was quite the little ham dancing for them and showing them all of her new tricks. By 9:00, she was worn down and finally went to bed. Micah and I got to sit down and spend some time together, but I honestly can't even remember what all we ended up doing. Probably watched stupid shows on the Game Show Channel and folded laundry. LOL. We live an exciting life.

That is all for the "Day In Our Lives" posts for now! I hope I didn't bore you to tears! It will be fun for us to look back and see exactly what our days were like. I will plan to do another week's worth in a few months once things settle a bit with Collier. We will keep you posted on the birth...August 11th is sneaking up quickly!