Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sweet Little Helper...

Landry has been busy the past few days helping me get Collier's room finished and taking care of her babies. She is just the sweetest thing ever. She is working through wanting to put all of his clothes and hats on, and then when we tell her "that is for baby," she tries dressing her baby dolls in the clothes.

She is going to be the sweetest big sister when Collier gets here!

You know how I had been super worried and sad about changing Landry's life so much by having a baby? Well, so many of you have sent sweet emails encouraging me and telling me that she is going to survive. :) Last night, we met with our midwife, Nancy, and she had some "words of wisdom" for us as always. When I told her I was starting to get sad about taking time away from Landry and her life being turned upside down, she basically said..."That is what life is about. God created us to give to others, and just imagine how much Landry is going to give to Collier's life (and him to hers!). God didn't create this world to be all about each of us, even Landry. :)"

Then, I said something about how I knew I was going to love them the same, and she said..."No, you probably won't. I love my boys very differently, but they are both my precious sons, and they argue regularly over who is my favorite. God loves us all differently too. Sorry Micah, I am God's #1....but so are you!"

Simple, to the point, but definitely something I needed to hear. I know God loves us each dearly, and his love for each of us is equal but different based on who we are. I also know God has a plan for Landry's life, and I know being a great big sister is part of that plan. I pray for her little heart to be strong and understand that we still lov0moo and back....and we will love Collier to the moon and back too!

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