Monday, August 1, 2011

Day In Our Lives: Saturday

Saturday was a busy day for us, and we have seemed to be a little crazy since then! That morning, I had a joint family baby shower with my "cousin-in-law" Brittany. She is married to one of Micah's cousins, and they live in Joplin right now. This is their second baby, and they are having a GIRL! It was so much fun to have a pink and blue shower, and we got to watch eachother open fun gifts for the opposite sex. They already have a little boy, and we have Landry, so it was fun that we are both getting to have new experiences!
Check out this belly picture...

Brittany is teeny-tiny to begin with, but check out that belly! She is due almost a whole month after me, but she looks like she is ready to pop! It is ALL baby, so she might have a big girl on her hands. :)

Me with Micah's mom and sister (the shower was at Emily's house!).

We had "C" cupcakes for Collier and "A" cupcakes for Ainsley.

Cute little pink forks with blue napkins.

Opening gifts....we got some of the cutest boy stuff! When we found out we were having a boy, I wasn't all that excited about clothes and things. With him being the second though, we are getting all sorts of fun outfits and monogrammed items since we already have all the necessities.!!
During the shower, most of the guys hung out at our house visiting. Landry stayed there with them and got a good morning nap during the shower. After we were done, we all went to lunch together.

Aunt Emily and Gigi dressed Landry up in their jewlery, and she thought she was big stuff! She loves eating lemons right now, and will throw a fit until we give her one to chew on. The bitterness doesn't even phase her!

After lunch, Brittany, two of Micah's aunts, and his Grandmama wanted to come back to see the house. The guys tagged along too, but they had already seen everything earlier.

Micah started a movie in the media room, and the kids were entertained for quite a while while we all got to chat. It was so much fun getting to catch up with everyone, and we are blessed to have aunts, uncles, cousins, and all sorts of other extended family around to celebrate our lives with!

Everyone left the house by about 4:30, and we put Landry down for a late afternoon nap. She ended up sleeping until 6:45!! She was worn out from playing so hard.

Later that evening, Landry helped Micah and I take tags off of the new clothes to wash (yeah right).

She was DETERMINED to get one of the baby socks on, and she worked on this for a good 20 minutes.

Landry got tired of playing with Collier's clothes and decided to play "mommy" instead. She is totally getting into her groove of wanting to feed babies, dress babies, rock babies, etc. It is funny timing because we really hadn't been talking about Collier coming very much to her...we just figured she wouldn't understand. Well, she does, and she seems to be excited! Hope that lasts.

This is one of my favorite pictures ever of Landry! :) I say that all the time, but she just cracks me up wanting to put on headbands all the time. Here, she had been watching herself feed her baby a bottle in the mirror.

That night, my dad called to see if Landry was still awake about 8:00. Obviously, she was after napping so late! So, Dado and Nana made a quick visit to see Landry and check out the project that we did in Collier's room. Landry was quite the little ham dancing for them and showing them all of her new tricks. By 9:00, she was worn down and finally went to bed. Micah and I got to sit down and spend some time together, but I honestly can't even remember what all we ended up doing. Probably watched stupid shows on the Game Show Channel and folded laundry. LOL. We live an exciting life.

That is all for the "Day In Our Lives" posts for now! I hope I didn't bore you to tears! It will be fun for us to look back and see exactly what our days were like. I will plan to do another week's worth in a few months once things settle a bit with Collier. We will keep you posted on the birth...August 11th is sneaking up quickly!

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