Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hair Salon...

This morning started out as one of "those" mornings for us. Landry decided to wake up at 6:15 and did not want to go back to sleep. I went ahead and got up when I heard her fussing and tried to get a shower and my hair washed before I got her out of bed. **Side note: I have been trying to make sure that I get up and shower, wash my hair, and put on makeup every morning....just in case we go into labor. LOL. Definitely NOT our normal daily routine.**
Micah got Landry out of her crib about 7, and she was extremely fussy. We gave her milk and let her lay in our bed for a few minutes while we finished getting ready. Micah rushed out the door as soon as he could...I think he was super thankful to have to go to work this morning and save his ears from the screaming! :)
I got Landry in her highchair, sliced her a banana, and gave her a fork to eat. I came back in a few minutes to find 3/4 of the banana mushed in her hair instead of eaten and she was screaming. This is really not like her because normally she has that thing eaten in about 5 seconds and is ready for something more to eat! Anyway, I wiped her down with a kitchen towel, tried to "wet-comb" the bananas out of her hair, and then we went to play. I noticed that Landry's hair didn't seem to be drying, and when she came to sit in my lap to read, I realized why...It was dry. The bananas had just made her hair like a helmet and hard as a rock. It was hilarious....literally, her hair wouldn't move!
With being so far along in our pregnancy, Landry has been getting baths at night when Micah is here to help or getting in the shower with us. It is WAY hard for me to bend over the bathtub right now, so it just isn't happening. She got a great, long bath last night, so I hated to go to the trouble of taking another shower before 9:00 just to wash her hair. SO....we played hair salon instead! :) I didn't know how this was going to go over, but Landry loved it!

I sat up a little hair washing station...with a neck roll and all!

I didn't think there was any way that Landry would lean back and let me wash her hair, but she did! She leaned back the whole time and just loved the warm water being poured over her and me rubbing on her head. We were even able to wash AND condition which has been a rarity the past few weeks.

After the washing, she sat in my vanity chair while I dried her hair. She loves sitting up there, looking in the mirror, and playing with all of the goodies.

After we dried her hair, she got a "mini-facial" with mommy's lotion. She is obsessed with lotion and loves rubbing it in her hands and then on her belly or face. She really watches what we do! :)

Then, we had a clean, happy girl who went down for an early nap! Hoping that the rest of our day goes a little more smoothly when she wakes up!

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