Saturday, August 6, 2011

39 (and a half!) weeks...

Collier is officially due to arrive in less than a week, and that just seems CRAZY to me! We have been "ready" for his arrival for a while, but the thought of him actually being here is just nuts. Our midwife is out of the country until the 15th, so we don't mind if he ends up coming a few days late. We DO have a back-up plan now, so he can really come whenever he wants....I know he will anyway!

My pregnancy so far has been easy just like it was with Landry. In the beginning of both, I had a little morning sickness (much more with Landry), but after that I have just felt great and loved each moment of being pregnant. It isn't anything I really focus on a lot, and in the first several months I remember thinking...."oh yeah, I'm pregnant!" The other night I was in bed and feeling Collier move around a lot. I couldn't help but wonder if I will feel that again some day. It is a feeling that is so hard to describe, but very precious to experience. I feel extremely blessed to have had two wonderful pregnancies so far, and we are praying for another wonderful delivery!

Here are a few pictures my mom took yesterday...

39 1/2 weeks with Collier!

This picture seems like it was taken forever ago...

40 weeks with Landry!

I have actually gained 5 pounds less with Collier than I did with Landry, but I feel like my belly looks so much bigger! I can't wait to see the size difference in these two little monkeys!

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