Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thankful on Thursday...

Maybe I will start doing this weekly and it will help me stay up-to-date with posting. Maybe not, we will see. :)

This morning, I woke up to this sweet face. I am so thankful for the mornings that Landry and I get to spend together when we both wake up with crazy hair and sheet lines on our faces. :) Her smiling behind this pacifier just starts my day off right!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

34 weeks...

We are now a little over 34 weeks pregnant. Hard to believe. It feels like we just found out that we were expecting again...actually, it feels like we just found out we were expecting for the first time! The past few years have been a whirlwind, but even if I could I would not change a thing!

I haven't been good about taking belly pictures, but here is one after church on Sunday. Landry HAD to be part of the picture and kept trying to pose with me. She is a little ham, that is for sure!

I feel like Collier's arrival is really sneaking up on us. We do have furniture in his room, and I finally got the fabric to the lady who is making his bedding. I know that he won't sleep in there for several months, so I am not too worried about having it finished pre-arrival.

We did still need a few essentials to make it through the first few days though. I made a trip to Target last week and got him some newborn sleepers with matching hats, a package of newborn diapers, and a few pacifiers (just in case!). Now, even if he comes tomorrow we are ready {enough}!

We see our wonderful midwife again next week, and we can't wait. Not only is it fun to find out what is going on with the baby, but we just LOVE Nancy and her husband, Rick, so much that it is like a party every time we get together. :) Can't wait to hug their necks, hear sweet Collier's heartbeat, and find out if anything new is happening. We have been having lots of contractions at night, so I am hoping that means he is coming soon!

I didn't take many belly pictures during Landry's pregnancy either, but I found this one where I was around 35 weeks...

Man, my belly is significantly bigger this time!!
I hope that is just from the second pregnancy and doesn't mean that he is going to weigh 10 pounds! :)

For my FB friends, this will be redundant, but I want to be sure to remember this! One thing that is really different with this pregnancy from the last is that I am having crazy dreams. It normally has something to do with something I heard that day, but it is always jumbled and a little nuts. This morning I woke up and was telling Micah about this wild dream I had about what was going to happen at his lunch appointment today. Then, he reminded me of something that I have no recollection of that happened in the middle of the night. He said I woke him up to tell him that I had a dream that, "All the babies were teething, so I fed them Kalamata olives." LOL! Landry is currently teething, and I did eat half a jar of yummy olives yesterday, but doesn't really make much sense together. I have officially lost it!

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Landry and I made a trip to Jonesboro this week to see Landry's great-Memaw and great-aunts. We had such a fun visit while we were there! This is Micah's side of the family, and we love them so much....we just don't get to see them near enough! Now that I realize I can handle the trip on my own, hopefully we will make it more often. Maybe Collier will be a good traveler and make things easy on me! :)

Landry with Micah's Memaw...(and Aunt Michelle!) :)

Landry loved climbing in the rocking chair at Aunt Melinda's. Even though this was a "no no."

Micah's cousin Cody has a little girl, Madelyn, that is a few months older than Landry. His wife, Cassie, was able to come stay in Jonesboro too so that we could get the girls together for the first time. It was so much fun! We all stayed at Aunt Melinda's house (Madelyn's Mimi), so it took a little while for her to be okay with Landry stealing some of the attention from HER Mimi. It was precious to see them interact.

The girls with Aunt Melinda...aka Mimi.

Landry, me, Cassie, and Madelyn. We packed almost the same outfit for the girls, so they got to match for dinner! :)

Swimming after dinner at Aunt Margo's house!

When we left town Thursday, we took a detour through Walnut Ridge to see one of my very best friends and her twin girls. They are 20 months old, and we have only had the girls around eachother once before. They are PRECIOUS and full of energy! Paige and I said we are going to trade notes to see if it is easier to have twins or have the babies 15 months apart like ours' will be. I have a feeling that some things are going to be pretty similar!

Henley, Hayden (not sure that is the right order!), Paige, me, and Landry.

We went outside to take a picture on the pretty porch swing, but Landry would have nothing to do with it. She screamed when I would put her up there, and the twins just sat there so nicely wondering what all the fuss was about. :) My child...

Overall, the trip was really an easy drive and great time. It took us about 6 hours each way (for Micah it is more like 4 1/2 hours), but we just took our time stopping to change diapers, have potty breaks, stretch our legs, and eat. Landry was great in the car except that she only slept 30 minutes each way. She normally naps around 4 hours a day total, but those two days 30 minutes was it! One thing that I can't quit laughing about is that I stopped to get some coffee at Starbucks on the way home and decided that Landry needed a treat too. I ordered her chocolate milk for the very first time and put it in her sippy cup. We loaded in the car, pulled out of parking lot, and I heard Landry say "Ahhhhhh!" She drank her entire sippy cup of chocolate milk before we got out of the parking lot!! It was hilarious...she is definitely an entertaining travel buddy!

To our Jonesboro family....thank you for making our visit so much fun! We love you all very much, and can't wait to see you soon!!

Monday, June 20, 2011


From the beginning, Landry has loved her Daddy SO much. He is a gem. Literally, my babies could not possibly have a better daddy than Micah. The way he and Landry talk, giggle, cuddle, and play melts my heart.

Yesterday was Father's Day, and we celebrated Micah all day long. We went to church in the morning, and then came straight home for Landry to take a nap. We had a 3:00 tee time to play golf as a family, but Landry slept right through that (a 3 hour nap!). Instead, Micah worked in the yard. He is loving having land because there is always something to do! We decided pretty late in the day to try to go have pizza at a new restaurant in our area. When we got there, the parking lot was packed and there were people waiting outside. We decided to come home and have a frozen pizza instead. It was pretty gross, but Micah seemed thrilled with his Father's Day where nothing went as planned.

Since our day was so uneventful, we only got one picture taken yesterday....and Micah wasn't even in it! :) Family trip to Home Depot!

As you probably saw from older blog posts, we have a new niece...Laurel. We saw her for a few minutes yesterday. She is weighing around 7 pounds 14 ounces right now, and that is exactly what Landry weighed when she was born. Micah held her for a minute and said that he doesn't even remember Landry being that small. I can't believe how the time has flown, and I am so thankful to have tons of pictures to look back on to help us remember. :) Here are Micah and Landry when she was a few weeks old last May. She was tiny....once upon a time!

Micah, today and everyday we are thankful for you!

Sunday, June 19, 2011


When Landry woke up yesterday morning, Micah went to get her and put her in bed with us. Saturday mornings have been so fun lately just hanging out in bed as a family until we are ready to get up and take on the day. Yesterday, we got up and went straight to the Farmers' was hot, but we found lots of good veggies. Between those farmers and Micah's mom (who is a Master Gardener), our fridge is well stocked with yummy vegetables!! Love this time of year!

Anyway, when Landry came to our bed yesterday, Micah wanted me to try to put her hair in pigtails. I didn't think it would work (especially because she has so little hair in the front), BUT they turned out so cute! They didn't last long, but they were cute while they lasted. :)

I'm going to figure out what kind of hairbands will work on such fine hair, and then there will be more pigtails to come! All you moms of girls...feel free to send some suggestions my way!

Thursday, June 16, 2011


We had our friends, The Huckebas, over for dinner this week. They are such sweet friends, but we very rarely get to hang out because our schedules are all so crazy! We have literally been trying to plan this dinner for 2 years. :) A few obvious changes from the past two years are that we have babies now! It was fun to get Thad and Landry together. Landry is close to 2 months older than Thad, but he is already taller and bigger than she is (daddy was a football player!). They played together pretty well...except that Landry didn't think he should play with her toys. We need to work on sharing!

Such sweet babies...and husbands!

Jeb, Jami, and Thad-we had SO much fun catching up! We love your sweet family...let's not wait so long next time! :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Landry is LOVING being in our new house. She is exploring all over the place, and she often hides from me for a few minutes (which freaks me out when I can't find her!). We are not totally baby proofed, but we are getting there!

Landry loves the stairs. We (thank goodness!) had baby gates made that keep her off of them when we are not around. She has already figured out how to mess with the latch though, so we will see how long those actually help. :)

This girl can figure anything out! She pushed her daddy's toolbox over to the bench the other day to use as a stool. She is becoming a climber!!

We go out and check the mail every afternoon. This is normally a 20 minute process or so because she gets distracted by picking up rocks and bugs. Micah said the other day she picked up a bug in the garage and was rubbing it all over her neck...then, she started freaking out because the bug was still alive and started scratching on her hand (it was a beetle). Yuck!

I guess Landry thought the floor was dirty the other morning because she emptied her container of wipes and started scrubbing the floor. :)

And, we now have a fake, kind of freaky smile that she does when she says "cheese" for pictures. Cracks me up how early they figure that out!

I have more updates coming soon...we have just been moving slowly with getting things unpacked and put away. We are 32 weeks pregnant this week, so we just keep inching closer and closer to having two babies! Micah is the sweetest daddy, and he said as we went to bed last night that he couldn't wait to have another baby in the bed with us to cuddle with. :) Landry was SUCH a snuggler when she was little, and she slept in our bed until she was about 7 months old. Those were precious, precious moments that I am so glad we took advantage of. Hopefully Collier will like to snuggle too! :)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Girl time!!

Our wonderful church has a women's retreat last weekend in Branson, and it was so much fun! I love, love, love my church friends so much. They are such sweet, genuine ladies that I love to learn from and grow with in God's word. I know I have said before how blessed we are to have the great pastor that we have in our church, but I don't know that I have mentioned how FABulous his sweet wife, Lisa, is. She was our speaker during the retreat, and we studied Proverbs and having WISDOM. Goodness...I need wisdom, that is for sure!

I didn't take any pictures while we were there (silly!!), but thankfully someone snapped one for us...

Stephanie, Kate, and I "working" the registration table. Basically, just getting to say hello to everyone and hand out nametags....right up my alley!

On kind of a bummer note, I was scheduled to go see one of my BEST FRIENDS IN THE WHOLE WORLD this weekend in Dallas. We have had this trip scheduled for months, and I even found a super cheap flight to avoid driving in that crazy Dallas junk by myself. I was scheduled to be away from Landry for two weekends in a row (which was kind of making me crazy because I have never, ever, ever done that), but I have been so excited to see my sweet Kristin that it was all worth it. Anyway, I had to cancel. I have been having some crazy contractions, and I was just way too nervous to get on a plane and be 5 hours away from Micah if for some weird reason Collier decided to come 8 weeks early! I am sad....I should be there right now holding her hand and laying by the pool! :) However, we will have a low-key weekend here instead. Micah and I even get to go on a date tonight!! I know it will consist of a movie and a sno cone without a doubt...hopefully he will also feed me dinner. :)

Hope you guys have a great weekend!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Closet eating...

I honestly had the best laugh I have had in a long time when I saw Micah doing this. Landry is at a stage where she is a scavenger...she will eat ANYTHING that doesn't eat her first. She is a lover of food (like her mama), and I am thankful that she is a good eater. Thankful, that is, until she steals all my food. :) I walked in the house the other day and heard Landry getting really angry. This is what I saw when I came around the corner...

Micah was eating a snack IN the pantry. Landry was confused and couldn't figure out how to get in there so that he could share with her. :) So, so funny! I laughed and laughed, then I got her a healthy snack that did not consist of Ruffles.

Little Laurel...

My brother and SIL had their 2nd sweet baby last week, Laurel Elizabeth. She is just beautiful! My brother really needed a girl. :) Her mommy is super creative and talented, so this is going to be one well dressed and stylish little girl. I am excited for her to grow up being a sweet play partner for Landry.

Laurel Elizabeth

PROUD big brother, Judd.

My brother, Drew, and his KIDS! It seemed strange enough for us both to have one child!

Jamia looked unbelievably relaxed just a few hours after having Laurel. Such a sweet mommy!

Check out all that hair!

Landry getting loved on by her uncles...

Landry and Laurel. I am already having panic attacks about Collier coming in a few months. Landry had NO CLUE what "be gentle" meant. :)

Getting some baby love from Laurel.

Uncle Tyler and Emily had to come in town to check her out too!

Welcome to the family sweet girl, and congratulations Jamia, Drew, and Judd! We love you all very much!