Tuesday, June 28, 2011

34 weeks...

We are now a little over 34 weeks pregnant. Hard to believe. It feels like we just found out that we were expecting again...actually, it feels like we just found out we were expecting for the first time! The past few years have been a whirlwind, but even if I could I would not change a thing!

I haven't been good about taking belly pictures, but here is one after church on Sunday. Landry HAD to be part of the picture and kept trying to pose with me. She is a little ham, that is for sure!

I feel like Collier's arrival is really sneaking up on us. We do have furniture in his room, and I finally got the fabric to the lady who is making his bedding. I know that he won't sleep in there for several months, so I am not too worried about having it finished pre-arrival.

We did still need a few essentials to make it through the first few days though. I made a trip to Target last week and got him some newborn sleepers with matching hats, a package of newborn diapers, and a few pacifiers (just in case!). Now, even if he comes tomorrow we are ready {enough}!

We see our wonderful midwife again next week, and we can't wait. Not only is it fun to find out what is going on with the baby, but we just LOVE Nancy and her husband, Rick, so much that it is like a party every time we get together. :) Can't wait to hug their necks, hear sweet Collier's heartbeat, and find out if anything new is happening. We have been having lots of contractions at night, so I am hoping that means he is coming soon!

I didn't take many belly pictures during Landry's pregnancy either, but I found this one where I was around 35 weeks...

Man, my belly is significantly bigger this time!!
I hope that is just from the second pregnancy and doesn't mean that he is going to weigh 10 pounds! :)

For my FB friends, this will be redundant, but I want to be sure to remember this! One thing that is really different with this pregnancy from the last is that I am having crazy dreams. It normally has something to do with something I heard that day, but it is always jumbled and a little nuts. This morning I woke up and was telling Micah about this wild dream I had about what was going to happen at his lunch appointment today. Then, he reminded me of something that I have no recollection of that happened in the middle of the night. He said I woke him up to tell him that I had a dream that, "All the babies were teething, so I fed them Kalamata olives." LOL! Landry is currently teething, and I did eat half a jar of yummy olives yesterday, but doesn't really make much sense together. I have officially lost it!

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