Thursday, June 16, 2011


We had our friends, The Huckebas, over for dinner this week. They are such sweet friends, but we very rarely get to hang out because our schedules are all so crazy! We have literally been trying to plan this dinner for 2 years. :) A few obvious changes from the past two years are that we have babies now! It was fun to get Thad and Landry together. Landry is close to 2 months older than Thad, but he is already taller and bigger than she is (daddy was a football player!). They played together pretty well...except that Landry didn't think he should play with her toys. We need to work on sharing!

Such sweet babies...and husbands!

Jeb, Jami, and Thad-we had SO much fun catching up! We love your sweet family...let's not wait so long next time! :)

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