Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Landry is LOVING being in our new house. She is exploring all over the place, and she often hides from me for a few minutes (which freaks me out when I can't find her!). We are not totally baby proofed, but we are getting there!

Landry loves the stairs. We (thank goodness!) had baby gates made that keep her off of them when we are not around. She has already figured out how to mess with the latch though, so we will see how long those actually help. :)

This girl can figure anything out! She pushed her daddy's toolbox over to the bench the other day to use as a stool. She is becoming a climber!!

We go out and check the mail every afternoon. This is normally a 20 minute process or so because she gets distracted by picking up rocks and bugs. Micah said the other day she picked up a bug in the garage and was rubbing it all over her neck...then, she started freaking out because the bug was still alive and started scratching on her hand (it was a beetle). Yuck!

I guess Landry thought the floor was dirty the other morning because she emptied her container of wipes and started scrubbing the floor. :)

And, we now have a fake, kind of freaky smile that she does when she says "cheese" for pictures. Cracks me up how early they figure that out!

I have more updates coming soon...we have just been moving slowly with getting things unpacked and put away. We are 32 weeks pregnant this week, so we just keep inching closer and closer to having two babies! Micah is the sweetest daddy, and he said as we went to bed last night that he couldn't wait to have another baby in the bed with us to cuddle with. :) Landry was SUCH a snuggler when she was little, and she slept in our bed until she was about 7 months old. Those were precious, precious moments that I am so glad we took advantage of. Hopefully Collier will like to snuggle too! :)

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