Saturday, June 25, 2011


Landry and I made a trip to Jonesboro this week to see Landry's great-Memaw and great-aunts. We had such a fun visit while we were there! This is Micah's side of the family, and we love them so much....we just don't get to see them near enough! Now that I realize I can handle the trip on my own, hopefully we will make it more often. Maybe Collier will be a good traveler and make things easy on me! :)

Landry with Micah's Memaw...(and Aunt Michelle!) :)

Landry loved climbing in the rocking chair at Aunt Melinda's. Even though this was a "no no."

Micah's cousin Cody has a little girl, Madelyn, that is a few months older than Landry. His wife, Cassie, was able to come stay in Jonesboro too so that we could get the girls together for the first time. It was so much fun! We all stayed at Aunt Melinda's house (Madelyn's Mimi), so it took a little while for her to be okay with Landry stealing some of the attention from HER Mimi. It was precious to see them interact.

The girls with Aunt Melinda...aka Mimi.

Landry, me, Cassie, and Madelyn. We packed almost the same outfit for the girls, so they got to match for dinner! :)

Swimming after dinner at Aunt Margo's house!

When we left town Thursday, we took a detour through Walnut Ridge to see one of my very best friends and her twin girls. They are 20 months old, and we have only had the girls around eachother once before. They are PRECIOUS and full of energy! Paige and I said we are going to trade notes to see if it is easier to have twins or have the babies 15 months apart like ours' will be. I have a feeling that some things are going to be pretty similar!

Henley, Hayden (not sure that is the right order!), Paige, me, and Landry.

We went outside to take a picture on the pretty porch swing, but Landry would have nothing to do with it. She screamed when I would put her up there, and the twins just sat there so nicely wondering what all the fuss was about. :) My child...

Overall, the trip was really an easy drive and great time. It took us about 6 hours each way (for Micah it is more like 4 1/2 hours), but we just took our time stopping to change diapers, have potty breaks, stretch our legs, and eat. Landry was great in the car except that she only slept 30 minutes each way. She normally naps around 4 hours a day total, but those two days 30 minutes was it! One thing that I can't quit laughing about is that I stopped to get some coffee at Starbucks on the way home and decided that Landry needed a treat too. I ordered her chocolate milk for the very first time and put it in her sippy cup. We loaded in the car, pulled out of parking lot, and I heard Landry say "Ahhhhhh!" She drank her entire sippy cup of chocolate milk before we got out of the parking lot!! It was hilarious...she is definitely an entertaining travel buddy!

To our Jonesboro family....thank you for making our visit so much fun! We love you all very much, and can't wait to see you soon!!

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