Sunday, June 19, 2011


When Landry woke up yesterday morning, Micah went to get her and put her in bed with us. Saturday mornings have been so fun lately just hanging out in bed as a family until we are ready to get up and take on the day. Yesterday, we got up and went straight to the Farmers' was hot, but we found lots of good veggies. Between those farmers and Micah's mom (who is a Master Gardener), our fridge is well stocked with yummy vegetables!! Love this time of year!

Anyway, when Landry came to our bed yesterday, Micah wanted me to try to put her hair in pigtails. I didn't think it would work (especially because she has so little hair in the front), BUT they turned out so cute! They didn't last long, but they were cute while they lasted. :)

I'm going to figure out what kind of hairbands will work on such fine hair, and then there will be more pigtails to come! All you moms of girls...feel free to send some suggestions my way!

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