Parke's Story

Parke Henry Gibson was our amazing blessing through adoption. We were matched with Parke in the fall and quickly found out that something wasn't "right" after multiple ultrasounds. We were attached to he and the birth mother, so even though the option was there to back out, we continued to pursue the adoption.
In utero, Parke was diagnosed with 5 congenital heart defects and given very few options for life. He was given a life expectancy of 2 days-2 weeks. We prepared our hearts to love our son for as long as we were able to have him, and we began begging God for time and healing for our precious Parke.

Parke was born on January 10, 2013. He came out breathing on his own, had beautiful color, and was able to take a bottle just like a normal baby. Parke seemed so "normal" and "healthy," and we had been prepared for something much different.

We were able to take Parke home after a short 24 hours in the hospital to in-home hospice care. The 2 day and 2 week milestones passed, and Parke continued to live normally despite his severe conditions.

We held and loved Parke for a full 7 weeks before he went to be with Jesus. On his 49th day, he passed away peacefully in my arms snuggled up in our bed.

Our hearts are heavy over the loss of his life, but we are abundantly grateful for the time we got to spend with Parke. His life was much more than we ever expected. He lived a full and happy life at home without mechanical support. His life served a great purpose and we rest in the peace of knowing that we will be joined with him again one day.

Parke was made specifically to be a Gibson and to be the brother of Landry and Collier. His memory and placement in our family has forever left a mark on us. I am so thankful Parke is mine, and I praise God through this "storm" knowing that His plan is perfect.

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