Saturday, July 30, 2011

Day In Our Lives: Friday

Today has been a whirlwind, so I am just now getting to post about everything we did yesterday. Hope my crazy brain remembers! :)
I do remember Landry had a little bit of a rough night on Thursday. Between her getting to bed late and teething, she was a little restless in her sleep and cried out a few times. Nothing too long, and she put herself back to sleep each time, but it woke us up over the monitor throughout the night. We both woke up a little tired about 7:30 yesterday morning.
One of my best friends from Eastern Arkansas (the one that we blogged about with the twin girls) was in town for the weekend, so she and I had plans to meet for a childless lunch and some shopping at the mall. We needed time to catch up, and it was so much fun. Landry and I had breakfast, got showers, and played a little bit before she went down for her morning nap about 9. I got ready while she slept, and my mom came over to pick her up about 11 when she woke up.
I went and met my friend, Paige, at the mall. We had lunch, shopped, and I got a huge double-doozy cookie (YUM!). Landry went back to Mimi's and played all afternoon, and I picked up a worn-out baby around 3:30. She fell asleep in the car on the way home from Mimi's, and I decided that I was going to try to HOLD her for her nap. :) We have not been able to hold this baby while she sleeps since she was at least 11 months old. She likes to be in her crib and roll around and stretch however she wants. I had to be really easy and rock her a little bit to make sure she stayed asleep, but it worked!

I got to hold this sweet, sweaty baby on the couch for almost a whole hour! When she woke up, I tried putting her down in her crib for the rest of her nap, but that didn't work. I guess one hour of cuddling and napping on mommy is as good as two hours in the crib! :)

Here is a picture of her "black-eye" that I blogged about yesterday. If you look closely, it is more like a black line all the way up her cheek and the top of her head. She hit the door frame when she fell, so it is a perfect line. Poor baby!

When Landry woke up, Daddy was getting home from work. We had a few errands we wanted to run (as always), so we ran to Sam's and a few other places before coming home. We got home, put on our pj's, and played in Landry's room for a while.

Landry found a pink t-shirt, and somehow got it over her head in a weird way. Micah was calling her Little Pink Riding She also found one of my elastic headbands and had it on as a necklace. She is really starting to enjoy playing dress up!

She also found her "button" last night. She is so funny pulling up her shirt and getting so excited when she finds it. If you have a button, she wants to see it, and she will dig, scratch, and pull off any clothing necessary to get to it. :) What a fun phase.

While we were playing in Landry's room, Micah and I finished hanging her curtains! I cannot even stand how much I love them! We picked out fabric that matched Landry's bedding that we had made last year, and an awesome lady from our church made these beautiful panels!

I love Landry's room because it just makes me smile. I like bright colors, and her room feels like a happy place to me. She seems to love playing up there, and especially loves rolling around on her soft new rug!

After Landry went to bed, Micah and I finished up on a project for Collier's room that we had been working on...

We got this piece of rusted tin from an old barn that is falling down at my dad's house. The barn is at least 100 years old, so we loved bringing a piece of something old and fun into our sweet baby's room. We attached some fun letters that I found at Hobby Lobby to the tin, and I think it turned out as a fun way to decorate over little Collier's crib! His room is close to being done, and I will post a picture of the whole room then.

After that, we were tired! We had to get up early this morning (Saturday) to get around for a family baby shower. Can't wait to post and tell you all about our Saturday...that will be the last of the "Day In Our Lives" posts! I can't believe we have made it a whole week!

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