Monday, July 11, 2011

4th of July finish-up...

Well, now that I am actually doing this post, I am totally over the 4th of July. :) I still need to post pictures so that I remember that we actually celebrated it and how adorable Landry was in her red, white, and blue! We had a busy, busy weekend during the 4th. You have already seen some of the pictures, but here are a few you haven't seen...

We went to dinner at Mimi's house on Saturday night, and Uncle Tyler dressed Landry up like "mommy." She thought it was funny for a minute, but then she wanted that ball out of her shirt! Kind of how I am feeling at this point. :) Past being funny.

We like to attempt to take family pictures, but Landry is at a stage where she doesn't like to cooperate.

On Sunday we went to our niece, Avery's, 3rd birthday party. Landry got to play with her big cousins and see her Gigi and Papa-D!

She had already been swimming that day (you saw pictures of that last week), so daddy said she didn't need to swim at the party. She was the only kid not in the pool, and she was not very happy about it!

She did look pretty cute running around with her chubby little legs hanging out though. :) I just want to squeeze her ALL THE TIME. I wish it was cool for my chubby legs to hang out like that because in this heat I would TOTALLY be about the bloomers and rompers. LOL.

Landry, aka Scuba Steve, and Daddy.

Mommy and Landry

After Avery's party, we ran by Dado's house really fast to say hi before we called it a night. It was about 8:00, and Landry was ready for bed! In the past, we have always watched fireworks at my Dad's with the family, but the past two years Ms. Landry has changed our plans for us. After all, it IS all about her!

My SIL Jamia with sweet baby Laurel. I am a lover of all baby wraps, and I can't wait to use my Moby wrap with Collier. I didn't use it with Landry until she was much bigger, but how stinkin precious is Laurel tucked in that wrap?!

My two favorites sitting by the pool.

We only stayed at my dad's about 5 minutes and then headed home...luckily we only live about a mile from each other! Micah and I put Landry to bed and then sat on our driveway watching fireworks. It was wonderful! We had at least 5 great shows going on all around us that we could see. It was a great weekend, and a great reminder of how thankful we should be (and are!) for our freedom in this country! We are totally, totally blessed!

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