Friday, July 8, 2011

You might be wondering....

I have been getting some questions from friends and/or blog readers about a few things, and decided that I will be doing a post soon on two topics I am getting lots of questions about.

#1 Question- Didn't you move in to your new house? Why haven't you posted pictures?

Short Answer- Yes, we did move in, but there have been a few (to say the least) glitches. Currently, I have painters and trim guys here working, and there is a plumber scheduled to come by later today. Yikes! Don't get me wrong, we LOVE our new home and we know we will be very happy here. Some of the guys who worked for our builder just had a slight "tellling the truth problem." :) More to come (with pictures!) in the near future.

#2 Question- Are you doing another home birth? What is that like? How did you find your midwife?

Short Answer- I will be doing a post soon ALL about our home birth experience and how we are preparing for Collier's arrival. I have been emailed or facebook messaged many questions on this subject, but please send me your question if you have one! I will try to answer them all without getting too detailed. :)

#3 Question- Just kidding, there isn't a #3 question, but I KNOW some of you have to be wondering how big this belly of mine is getting now.

Short Answer- BIG! We saw our midwife yesterday, and I am measuring the exact same with Collier as I did with Landry at this point. We are close to 36 weeks, so at this point he could come anytime! Anywho, I feel like a cow in this hot weather, but hopefully the weight will fall right off like it did after Landry was born. (Wishful, wishful thinking!!)

Thanks to all of you who read about our little family! I love hearing from you, so keep your emails, messages, and comments (those could really pick up a little bit...ha!) coming. I especially love it that there are so many of you that I have never met in person, but we feel like we get to know eachother through our "blog worlds." More posts to come soon...I still have to finish uploading all my pictures from the 4th. LOVE taking pictures, but sorting through them is sometimes a chore!

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