Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day In Our Lives: Sunday

Today started off like a normal Sunday for us. The alarm went off around 6:45, I hit snooze until about 7:15 and then got up to get ready for church. When our alarm goes off, we normally hear Landry move around a little bit on the monitor (her room is right above our's, and we think she can hear it) and then she goes back to sleep. Same thing this morning. We always plan to leave the house by 8:45 to get to the church and get Landry checked in the nursery before service starts at 9:15. This morning, this is what we were still looking at around 9:00!!

Landry was POOPED. We decided to let her sleep as long as she wanted because she has been having a rough time with teething and must be going though a growth spurt too. She ended up waking up right around 9:00, and we fed her breakfast, got her dressed, and rushed out the door.

I needed a quick picture of my cuties before we left, so we took a quick detour in front of the house. :)
With us running so behind, we didn't think we would make it to the church service at all, but only go to Sunday school. But, we had a nice surprise when we got there that they were still singing, and the pastor hadn't even started the lesson yet. We weren't as late as we thought! :)

While we were waiting on Landry to get up, I mixed up some of the pizza dough I talked about last week for us to have for lunch when we got home.
We got home around 12:30, fed Landry some yummy leftovers, put her down for a nap, and made our pizza. She is always exhausted when we get home from church since it is way past her normal nap time, so it was a nice surprise that she even stayed awake to eat lunch before passing out!

Our pizza was wonderful! We ate and then took a little nap ourselves on the couch until Micah left to play golf around 2.

Landry woke up around 2:15, and I fixed her hair in pig tails to go to the mall. :) I think she looks precious....and so big! (Sorry for the quality of this was on my phone.)
We got around and headed to the mall to make a few returns. The second that we pulled in a parking spot, it started raining. HUGE raindrops! I decided not to get the stroller out, so I just scooped Landry up and we only went in one store that I really needed to get done today.

After the mall, we swung by Dado and Nana's house to say hi. Nana just bought some popsicles that are little bitty tiny and made for kiddos. They are so cute, and Landry LOVED being able to manage it all by herself!

Dado took Landry on a quick Gator ride. She doesn't look happy here, but this is one of her favorite things to do out at their house. She loves to yell at the cows!

After that, we came home and Landry wanted back in her crib to take a nap. It was about 4:30, so I put her down and then rested on the couch while she "slept." I heard her on the monitor a few times playing, so I knew she wasn't sleeping. Before I knew it (I fell asleep!!), it was 6:00, and she was fussing to get up. I went up to get her and realized that I hadn't shut her blinds, so it was super bright in her bedroom. No wonder she wasn't wanting to sleep! These days, my brain is not even functioning. :)

Landry ate the pizza we had for lunch at dinner and I ate some cookie dough ice cream (ha!). Micah got home from golfing around 7:15, and he ate leftover squash casserole from earlier this week. We got baths and spent some time cuddling and playing on our bed before Landry drank her milk and went to sleep around 8:30. She loves to just lay down and put herself to sleep at night....she takes after her mommy and loves her sleep! :)

Now, Micah and I are hanging out in the media room. He is watching a movie, I just finished writing thank you cards from the baby shower, and we are about to head to bed. We are normally not this lazy on Sundays, but with Micah golfing, we decided just to rest and relax! It was a really fun day, and I feel super well-rested to start the week! See you tomorrow!

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