Monday, July 25, 2011

Day In Our Lives: Monday

Today was a great day for us. We had a pretty normal schedule, and we didn't have anything planned that we HAD to do. It was nice to just go with the flow and work with Landry's schedule.
I got out of bed about 7:45 as Micah was leaving for work. Landry was starting to squirm and was ready to be up by about 8.

We shared a bowl of organic oatmeal with locally grown peaches, organic whole milk, and a little turbinado sugar (only on mine). We don't always eat junk like we did yesterday. :) During the week, I try to make sure Landry gets all the nutrients she needs, and then we bust it on the weekends. That makes life more fun!

Landry is way in to feeding herself right now. A little dangerous with a bowl that she can tip over or throw, but she did great!

Then, we went in the playroom and played for a while. We read a bazillion books, had a tea party, and did a few puzzles. We were both still in our pj's, and then Landry was ready to go down for a nap about 9:30. She went down easily and slept until 11:30.

While Landry was napping, I caught up on a little bit of my daily Bible reading, did two loads of laundry, and watched a recorded episode of Food Network Star. Micah came home for lunch, so we all got to eat together as a family (two of us STILL in our pj's). We love days like that.

After Daddy left, Landry and I took a shower and got dressed for the day. Then, we played and played a little more.

Landry wanted another nap at about 2:00, so I put her in her crib. She played until about 2:30, and then she slept until 4:30. I got dinner in the crock-pot while she was sleeping, did another load of laundry, and picked up lots of clutter around the house. I was waiting anxiously for her to get up because I needed to make a Wal-Mart run, and I wanted to beat the 5:00 crowd. We made it there and home by 5:30, so that wasn't too bad!

Landry woke up in a great mood and was being a little comedian the whole time we were out. She sang E-I-E-I-Oooooo to everyone who would listen at Wal-Mart, said (aka: YELLED) hi to everyone who walked by, and blew kisses to total strangers. When we got in the car, she took off her shoes, tickled her own feet (that is hilarious...we are trying to catch it on video), and then put her bowl on her foot and pretended it was her shoe. She was laughing at herself so hard...I loved it!

Micah got home from work about the same time we got back from the store. Dinner was ready in the crock-pot (Mexican chicken....yummy!), so we ate and then had a few errands that we wanted to run as a family. We went to Home Depot and Dillards, and Landry started breaking down in her stroller at Dillards around 7:30. She was getting sleepy and wanted to go home! We listened, and headed home quickly.

We got Landry in her pajamas and went in her room to play. She and Daddy were playing horsey, and it was honestly one of the most precious things ever. Landry thought it was so much fun, so we may have a new game on our hands!

How cute are these two? My absolute FAVORITE people in the entire world!

I love days like today. We didn't do much, but Landry stays so well rested and in a much better mood that way! See you tomorrow for Tuesday fun...I am hoping for another day similar to today!

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