Monday, July 18, 2011

36 weeks....

We are a little over 36 weeks pregnant now, and we are getting closer to Collier's arrival every day. It is so hard to believe that he will be here soon! My sweet Sunday School class from church had a shower for us last week, and I got tons of baby boy things that will ensure Collier doesn't go naked for very long after he is born. :) These girls are so sweet and SO much fun. I am blessed to call them all friends and to have such a support of amazing women around me.

Here is another belly comparison from both pregnancies. I only have one more picture from being pregnant with Landry, and it is 39-40 weeks. I am hoping we don't make it to that comparison, but we will see!!

Collier, then Landry....both around 36 weeks.

I think my belly looks lower and bigger with Collier. What do you think? I must have had a rough day in the picture of Landry's pregnancy because I look exhausted! Also, being way early Spring I had NO sun. :) Even though I really dislike the picture, I had to put it up to see the difference.

Landry is down staying with her Gigi and Papa-D for a few days. When they called and asked if they could watch her, I was really excited but overwhelmed at the same time. I started crying when Micah and I were working out the plans because I was so reluctant to give up any of the last few days of her being an "only child." I know she is getting tons of special treatment down there, and I have been able to get a ton of errands run that I have been putting off. I have no idea if it is normal to feel this way, but I am just so sad for her that her life is about to be turned upside down. She has literally been the center of our universe for the last 15 months. We never planned for her to be an only child, and I don't really plan on Collier being our is just a strange feeling that I wanted to give her more time by herself. Welcome to my emotional rollercoaster. :)

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  1. Lindsey, I specifically remember when Treyson was 4 days old going into Anniston's room after she was asleep. I laid down next to her bed and just cried, telling her I was so sorry for how much I had just rocked her sweet, innocent world. (Hormones will make our minds take us to crazy places sometimes) It will be an adjustment for everybody, but you will have 2 children who, because they are close in age, will have so much in common and will have an amazing friendship for life!!