Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bestest Friends...

You might remember me posting about having to cancel my trip to Dallas a month or so ago to visit my friend, Kristin. I was so sad, but knew she was coming here to visit soon, so that made it all better. Well, last weekend was when she came! We met Kristin and her husband, Brad, when we found our new church home about 3 1/2 years ago, and we were instant friends! They own this awesome company called Eating With Purpose, and Kristin teaches people how eating affects their lifestyle and how you can heal your body with what you put in it. Super, super cool should check it out!

Brad and Kristin moved to Dallas about 15 months ago. Yep, if you do the math that means Landry was only 2 weeks old when they moved! We have all been so busy that they have not seen Landry since then! Micah and I were able to spend some time with them during the past year, but it was a time when we left Landry with Gigi and Papa-D. They thought she had changed a little bit, to say the least. :)

Brad, Landry, and Kristin. Landry didn't know what to think about Brad being so tall and kept looking up at was so cute. I have a tall family, but Brad is T-A-L-L.

And, the girls! Landry, Kristin, and me.
I hated feeling like a cow when they came, but the funny part is that is how they remember me from when they moved! :) Okay, so they didn't say "fat cow," but I was big, big pregnant and then had a brand new baby right before they left.

We love our sweet friends so much, and we can't wait until their next visit!!

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