Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Weir Wedding!

Finally, some pictures from Tyler and Emily's wedding weekend! 

On Friday, Emily's aunts put on a fabulous bridesmaid's luncheon for all the bridesmaids and the ladies in the families. It was at a cute restaurant in Tulsa, and they had some of the sweetest traditions that they shared.
The theme was "Pearls of Wisdom," and they handed out long strands of pearls to everyone and had each of us write "something wise" on a card for us to hang on the tree for Tyler and Emily. It was adorable.  
Just in case you were wondering, my advice was to pray together as a family everyday. 

Friday night was the rehearsal dinner at a fun place called Stokley Event Center. It is an old warehouse where they used to paint business signs, and now it is used for special events. They have tons of signs and really cool light-up signs hanging from the ceiling. It was great!

Bride and Groom

One of my favorite the bathroom. :)

One of Tyler's besties since he was a baby was one of the bridesmaids (and super good friends with Emily now too!). I think she may have been the matchmaker. :) 

Landry and Emily's little sister were big buddies all weekend!

On Saturday, all the girls got together to get our hair done and get all fancied up. 

Landry looked precious as the flower girl, and she and Judd did such a great job gettin' down the isle!

Two of my favorite men...
 During the ceremony...gorgeous!
They got married at a chapel on the TU campus. 

The reception was so much fun, and everything was gorgeous! 
They had a fun band, so the dance floor was busy! We brought babysitters with us so that they could take the kids back to the hotel so that we could stay and have fun. Best.idea.ever. 

Couldn't be happier for Tyler and Emily! Such a fun night!! 

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