Thursday, October 6, 2011

Landry's first haircut!!

Landry had her first haircut earlier this week! It was really more like a tiny little trim, but it still counts! We even picked up tiny little pieces to keep in her baby book...even though I think that is kinda creepy. :)
She did really great during her appointment. I bought her a princess outfit at Target before we went, and we let her play with part of it while she was in the chair. I think that helped her stay distracted!

Here is the beautiful mullet the night before the haircut

Waiting for Ms. Violet!

She seemed to get a little sad right before we went back. It was either because her daddy made her sit down OR she just knew what was coming. :)

We ended up having about 3/4 of an inch cut off in the back and everything trimmed and evened out in the front. We can still get her hair in pigtails, but barely! It was still a little wet in these "after" pictures, so I will get some other shots later. We think it looks a lot better, and it even curls under like a little bob! Goodbye Mr. Mullet, I am sure you will be back before the next haircut! :)

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