Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thankful Thursday...

Hi! I have been feeling crazy the past several days because we have not had a computer. We got a yucky virus where we couldn't even get the computer to turn on, and I honestly didn't realize how much I use it during the day! Looking up recipes, checking emails, BLOG UPDATES, uploading and editing pictures...I was really going nuts!
Micah was finally able to get the virus off (for now), and I am SO thankful today for a computer that works. I am also thankful that all my pictures are still here. I was so worried that we were going to lose the newest pictures that I uploaded. I back up onto an external device, but not everyday!
So, we are back in business. I have lots of blog updates coming soon. Here is a sneak peek of what will be coming over the next week or so...
-Firsts (we have been having A LOT of firsts around our house over the past few weeks)
-Landry's 18 month check-up
-Collier's Birth Story (finally ready to talk about it!) :)
-Potty Training
-Meal Planning Monday (I stole this idea from a friend, and I love it!)

Until next time, here are a few pictures from tailgating from last weekend. We left Landry at home with our sweet babysitters, and Micah and I were able to enjoy our time without having to chase our escape artist!

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