Thursday, September 27, 2012

Day In Our Lives: Wednesday

Wednesdays are normally fun days at our house. My mom is always off work on Wednesdays, so we normally get to spend some time with Mimi. The kids love that, and it is fun for me to have a little mental break and get to talk and hangout. Well, this week my mom is at the beach, so we didn't get to hang out. Bummer, but we still had fun! 
Landry woke up about 8:00. That was a little later than usual, so I got to spend extra time in bed snoozing, praying, and planning out our day. She got up and immediately wanted to put on Pig Sooie Princess {serious, serious obsession-the arm band addiction was easier to blend in!}. She cracked me up because she was being so silly and fun first thing after she woke up. She stood in front of our floor fan and was letting it blow her hair all crazy.  

She had some major volume after that. :)

Ella Sparkles and Big Titty watched as we got breakfast ready. 

This little nugget didn't wake up until 9:00, and he wasn't in a happy mood when he did...even after all that sleep! 

That is, until he got to smear pb&j all over the place for breakfast. Love his sweet grins! 

During our morning play time, Landry figured out how to turn a chair around and use it to reach other toys she wants. Oh boy...I can imagine where this might go! 
Yes, those are my flip-flops she is wearing with her beautiful outfit. 

I fed Collier a bottle, and Landry fed her baby, Starbuck, a bottle also. :) 

Collier went down for a nap around 11, and little missy and I got showers. I hopped in and out, but she took a leisurely 30 minutes. She loves playing in the water and letting it run all over her head. 
I got ready while she was pretty nice. :)
**Side note-The shower is glass, so I could see everything she was doing. Also, we are on well water, so no huge water bill.** 

We got ready to head out when Collier woke up because we were going to see Daddy at his new office and meet all of his new buddies. 
Up until 2 weeks ago, Micah worked in the same office for 9 years! He still has the same job, but ended up moving a little closer to where most of his clients are. 

After the struggle and stress of getting everyone ready at the same time, we went outside to this lovely weather. Blah!

We met all the new co-workers, and Landry showed them all sorts of tricks. She loves meeting new people, and is quick to tell them her name, how old she is, and everything they ever wanted to know about Colliers. 

We got home, and I threw together a quick quiche for dinner. Around our house, it is called "Tomato Pie" though because Micah doesn't like quiche. :) 
Normally, I put all the good stuff inside, but I was in a hurry to get it in the oven and going, so I just cooked it with fresh mozzarella and tomotoes inside with the eggs. While it cooked, I fried up some bacon and then sauteed some fresh squash and red onion in the drippings. I poured it on top of the quiche when it came out and topped it with grated Romano cheese. I think this was a bigger hit than the original way, so this may be the way it is done from now on! This is one of our favorite meals...we eat it once every few weeks (most of the time without the bacon). I love having the ingredients on hand because it is perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner! 

The reason I was in a hurry for dinner was because I had a hair appointment last night. It was heavenly to sit still, sip coffee, and be pampered. A nice, scheduled break every 8 weeks. Ha! 

Micah got Collier to bed while I was gone, and when I got home he and Landry were cuddled up in bed watching cartoons. They are super sweet together. I am seriously spoiled that Micah is so good at taking care of the babies while I'm away-not that most dads aren't, but I have lots of friends that have to leave detailed notes, lists, lay out clothes, etc. They may not get their teeth brushed or baths every time, but they are happy and in one piece when I get home! :) 

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