Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Phone clean out...

We have been MIA for a week or so, but that's because we have been beachin' it with the family in Florida. We had a great trip with some (not lots) of pictures to come. We had a few rainy days and lots of good naps while we were there. To catch up on what we have been doing the past few weeks, I'm doing a random clean out of the pictures from my phone. 
In complete random order...enjoy. :)

The kids both wore their rain boots, and Collier thought he was BIG stuff next to his sister.  

Landry started ballet a few weeks ago. She LOVED the first class and was so excited to go back this week. She has been twirling around on her toes a lot lately. :)

While we were in Florida, Landry made her first friend at Build-A-Bear. It is a leopard (because we had to pry Hello Kitty out of her hands...HK is currently her flavor of the week.). Her name is Ella Sparkles Princess, and she is wearing a fully sequined disco shirt and a pink tutu. 
Unfortunately, Landry likes her $2 Minnie Mouse doll from Wal-Mart a lot more than this $50 investment. :)

The babies raced around in the cart at Home Depot the other day. Collier loved this!

We came home from vacation to this...our trampoline crashed in our neighbor's yard. :( Bummer. It is beyond being fixed, and the first thing Landry asked to do when we pulled up at home was to jump. I heard the winds were like 70 mph one night while we were gone...craziness!

Landry and I have our first matching piece of clothing. Lol! I ordered my pants first, and then the company came out with a kids outfit with a different top. Her outfit is precious, so I couldn't resist. I was wearing mine the other night when we opened her's up, and she was SO excited to be matching. I am not planning on going out in public while we are dressed alike, but Landry sure enjoyed running around the house as, "TWINS!"

A few friends and I started a casserole swap. We stole the idea from my sister-in-law who does a swap with several girls once a month. We each made 4 casseroles (I made an extra for us). Then, we met up at my house at a certain time, and everyone went home with 4 different casseroles to freeze. It was so fun! We had one of the meals last night, and it was great!
**I made Dirty Rice Casserole, in case you're wondering.**

I have a mild new addiction...thanks to one of my favorite friends, Michelle. Iced Chai Tea Latte...where have you been all my life? This is CRAZY yummy! I don't like it warm as much, but it is just amazing iced and makes me so ready for fall!
Michelle is kind of a jerk because she is pregnant and adorable and can drink 5 of these a week without looking like a hog. Blah. 

Collier is a chunky little nugget of preciousness, and I loved this picture of him trying to do forward rolls a few weeks ago. Oh, those rolls and little feet on tippy toes make me melt!

Landry and I cleaned out some of my old dresser drawers at Mimi's house. Landry hit the jackpot by finding some really cool blue sunglasses, an old watch (of Mimi's when she was a little girl!), and tons of other goodies. She kept saying, "Mama, that's awesome!" 

Landry and I went on a Sunday afternoon grocery run while the boys napped. We had ice cream and giggled a lot. I love girl time with this sweet thing!

I went on a day-date a few weekends ago with the best looking man around. The kids stayed with my mom, and we shopped and shopped. Finally, it was 3:00 and we realized we hadn't eaten. We were both so hungry at that point that we were nauseous. Our conversation while waiting on our food at McAllisters was hilarious...
"Honey, I'm about to be sick." 
"Seriously, where's our food? I'm about to be sick too."
"Oh no...I feel really bad." 
"I feel really bad too, just eat your ice." 
Our dates have totally changed! LOL.   

Mimi and Papa got Landry a Razorback tutu. She calls it her "Woo Pig Princess" and wants to wear it all the time. It goes on over her pajamas, under other dresses, and basically any time she isn't sleeping. 

Collier had his one-year-checkup and shots on Monday. He was exploring and walking all over the doctor's office. Landry was trying to console him about getting his shots because she thought he was "tared" aka: scared. I can't tell you how many people came up to me and said, "You really have your hands full!" I had a stroller, but every time I turned around one of the kids was laying on the nasty floor. Glad I like germs! :)
I love the business of having the babies close together, but I think I have decided it is worth the investment of hiring a babysitter for a few hours for each of their check-ups. 

Oh, and the doctor said Collier is 95th percentile for weight and that I need to take him off of whole milk. :( I'm not ready. I like chunky babies!

I'm heading soon for an appointment to schedule getting my wisdom tooth (I only have one!) removed soon. We are hoping that it will help with my headaches because it is on the side where I am having the pain. So...I will look like a one-cheeked chipmunk soon...can't hardly wait! :) 
Happy Wednesday! 

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