Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Day In Our Lives: Monday

Mondays are normally our day to re-coup from the weekend around here. We go and go while daddy is home from work, so we normally have a lot to catch up on. This Monday was not much different. 

We woke up and the kids went straight to their highchairs for breakfast. They always seem to latch on to something as we get them out of bed...Collier ALWAYS has his green blanket, and this morning Landry had "Amy" her naked boy baby. :)

The kids ate breakfast, and I got lucky because Micah made me coffee before he went to work. Some mornings, though I desperately need it, there is just no time to get a pot of coffee going. A Keurig is on my Christmas list this year! 

Not that we don't have laundry every.single.day, but Mondays are really our laundry day. I did four loads and washed sheets. Bundles and bundles of fun. I do love clean sheets though! 

Landry wanted a snack pretty quickly after breakfast. She asked for "grapes in a bowl." We didn't have any grapes on hand, so I told her to pick something else. She sounded like an adult when she told me, "Tomatoes'll work!" This girl loves tomatoes!

Normally, Micah comes home for lunch, but he was needing to go look at some property during lunch time. The kids and I hopped in the car and went to meet him. He breaks our day up for us, and we all start to go a little stir-crazy if we don't have anything going on. Poor Collier was feeling better from Sunday, but still not 100%. He didn't nap that morning, so he ended up falling asleep in the car mid-french fry. He slept with that fry in his mouth for a good 45 minutes...and then ate it when he woke up! Ha! 

We got home from lunch, and Landry pretended to take a nap on the floor. Then, she went upstairs and really took a nap. 

When she goes down in the afternoons, I normally have 30 minutes or an hour of alone time with Collier before his afternoon nap. I love having special alone time with them both. 
Collier and I played and I took pictures of his pretty little face. I told him how thankful I was that his scary rash had gone away and how jealous I was of his beautiful eyelashes. :)

When they both woke up from naps, they played in the pack-n-play together. This isn't a normal thing because we don't normally have it set up. Collier slept in our room the past few nights so that we could make sure he was doing okay, and they refuse to stay away from it when they see it. Landry calls it Collier's cage. Ha! 

I folded laundry while the kids were in the cage, and I wondered how much I would get done if I just left it up...? :)

Micah got home from work around 6, we ate a quick dinner (you know if it was anything good, I would tell you!), and we loaded up and did a quick grocery run at Fresh Market. We were totally out of eggs and fresh fruit, but I didn't want to take yucky virus baby to a store and spread things around.

We got home from the store and headed out to do our nightly mail check...

Our mailbox locks, and Landry is getting really good at getting the tiny key in there and unlocking it. She is so smart! We only had one item yesterday, but Landry was so excited to bring it back to Micah (he and Collier never actually made it to the road). She was running back, waving the junk-mail, and saying, "Daddy! I got you birthday card!" I don't have any idea where she got that from, but it was hilarious. It will actually be Micah's birthday this Sunday, but she doesn't have a clue. 

Collier found a dirt pile to play in. He is 100% boy...except for those eyelashes and sweet curls. 

Inside....baths and bed for the babies. Monday night football for Micah, and finally a chance to sit down and not move for 5 minutes for me. 

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