Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Savoring these moments...

I don't know why, but I feel like God has been giving me extra time in my days lately. I have had several mornings where I have had my to-do list done early, and I have been allowing myself to make the decision to sit down and talk and play with the babies (instead of finding things to stay busy, busy). Not that I don't sit down with them regularly, but normally I have a mental list of things going on during that time (and loads and loads of laundry going!). So, this change has been fun. My favorite part is counting how many "turns" on mommy's lap they each take and the unbelievable number of books we can read in 30 minutes....one after another. It is crazy! 

So, a few things from this last week...

Landry went to the dentist with me, and Ms. Amy counted her teeth. When we came home, she told Micah to open up, and she pretended to count his. "20! Yea Daddy! You have 20 teeth...just like me!" 

Landry is going through a serious phase of obsession with cats right now. 
She has several Hello Kitty items, a cat purse, and anything else that she can squeeze out of us that has to do with kitties. 
So...my favorite part of the kitty phase is this (and I can't even believe that I am sharing this), Landry can't say the word kitty. Instead, it comes out titty, and she says it all the time. While we were in Florida, she had my in-laws rolling because she sleeps with her "Big Titty and Little Titty," and she will cry for them! 
Even though I think it is hilarious, I have been working with her to correct it, but she still says, "K, K, Titty!" 
So, the other night, we went down to Dado and Nana's, and they had real life little titties there! Landry was in heaven and followed these poor things around the whole evening. It was so much fun to watch her and see how excited she got! 

Collier sometimes rides in a purple car seat. There, I said it. :) We have a hand-me-down from my niece, and it is just the perfect fit for him right now. It seems so comfy, and he likes it a lot more than Landry does. So, we try to wear something extra manly, like camo shoes, when we know this is going to happen. Ha!

Landry and Collier are both loving this weather, and they love being outside! Collier got a tractor for his birthday, and Landry has been taking him on rides. He has no interest in driving right now, so his bossy sister gets to be in total control! :)

Tomorrow is the day for my wisdom tooth removal...blah! So, you probably won't hear from me for a few days. OR, it might be entertaining and drug induced if you do. Ha!

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  1. Whitney used to say Kitties just like Landry. We used to go to a local pet store after we went out to dinner in Tulsa. Whitney would announce at the top of her lungs...."We are going to see puppies and _______" You get the picture. Jeff and I were mortified and laughing hysterically at the same time. We still giggle about it every time we go to that restaurant. Good times!