Monday, October 29, 2012

Oh, yes she did!

I don't even know what to do with this. Landry has become a nail-biting addict, and now 10 fingers are just not enough! Our babysitters caught this picture the other night, and I had NEVER seen her do this before. 

This picture is hilarious, and I'm so glad they caught it. BUT, I have got to help her kick this. Micah and I neither one have this habit (fingers or toes! ha), but adults that I have talked to that do say to stop her now!
She tends to only chew her nails when she is watching tv or trying to put herself to sleep. I have thought about gloves (and socks now, I guess!) or trying some sort of that bitter "no-bite" nail polish that is supposedly safe for kiddos. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! :)  


  1. Holy cow! I've never heard of that one before...but it kind of makes me giggle (sorry Mommy!).

    Good luck on coming up with ways to break that :)

  2. Hi, I'm a teacher, babysitter and also a little of child psychologist... and this is a little common in the kids, but gloves and socks do not solved the problem... you have to replace that habit with a object, to make her feel the same placer when she eats, sucks the finger or toes.... I mean she feel placer when she do it, and also as you said that she only do that when she wants to sleep or watching TV make me think that she feel comforting when is doing it... so replace that placer with a object that you can take away in another time... you can use a brush so she can pass over her face, something to chew (not food, not pacifier), other stuff like that.

    Sorry that I write all this here, but I can´t find your e-mail. I hope this works for you, and also sorry for my english I'm from Venezuela

  3. Kaelynn did the SAME thing. I tried everything! I finally one day told her she would poop worms out shes hasn't bitten them since! hope this helps:)