Friday, October 19, 2012

All About Collier!

You guys, today I am just stinkin' amazed at how fast Collier is changing. I should know that this second year is full of milestones and major changes, but I'm not ready! I love watching Collier learn new things, but he is literally running in circles with his sister. I can't believe that he wasn't even walking two months ago, and now I can't get him to slow down. Amazing and so bitter-sweet. I miss my baby who wouldn't leave my side some days. :) He's still attached, don't get me wrong...BUT he can live without me now. My mama heart is a little sappy today, can you tell? 

So, my next two posts are going to be about each one of these BABIES. They have both changed so much since this picture on Easter. 

As you know, the highchair has always been one of C's favorite spots. Food makes Colli-Bean a happy boy! I went back and pulled a series of pics of him in his highchair starting in January (about 5 months). Can you believe the changes??

He is just getting so big. Here is what is going on with our little man at 14 months:
-He weighs more than his sister. Only by 1 pound, but it is still more!
-He is learning new words all the time and trying to tell us what he wants. It is a frustrating phase for him because he knows what he wants to tell us, but we can't always figure it out. Some of the words he is saying a lot are; Mama, Daddy, Nanny (for Landry!), Bankie (blanket), Juice (for anything he wants to drink), bottle, nigh nigh, mine!, shoe, puppy, most of the grandparent's names, read, bites, more, ball, seat, icky (Mickey), Bye bye, tiss (kiss), eyes, cheese and probably lots more that I am forgetting. He is a talker and will repeat just about anything! 
-Like I said before, he is running everywhere. He and Landry chase after each other all the time, and he is always falling and getting lots of bruises. 
-He will eat anything, but really loves fruit, cheese, broccoli, and yogurt. 
-He is still taking a bottle 3 times a day. We are working on cutting it out, but he got hooked once he finally took it! 
-Collier still takes two naps a day, but I think he is starting to give up the morning nap. His usual sleep schedule is 9:30-11:30 and 2-4. 
-He is starting to throw fits. Like, major fits. He will lay down on the floor, cry, scream, and start pulling his hair. It is pitiful, but I'm trying not to let it work! 
-He is into everything that Landry never was. Nothing is safe in this house. He opens every cabinet, every drawer, digs in the fireplace, tries to get up the stairs any chance he gets, pushes any door open that isn't totally latched, unrolls toilet paper, splashes in the toilet, pulls my clothes off the hangers, chews on shoes (like a dog!), eats anything that he finds on the floor, and CLIMBS! He is busy, busy, busy. 

Collier totally has my heart. He is a mama's boy, and I like it that way. Micah said a few months ago, "I think he is finally starting to like me!" :) I love watching them grow closer and love on each other. There are so many qualities of his Daddy that I hope he has! 

Here are a few more flashback photos that are crazy to me! Major changes with teeth and HAIR! His hair is totally out of control, but Micah would go crazy if I cut it. Those curls are really pretty sweet. :)

The picture in the orange if from the end of June...his hair has grown a lot in 4 months!

So, to sum it up, Collier is the best. He is the sweetest little boy I could ever imagine, even when he's not. :) I look at him and thank God for the beautiful surprise that he was to our family. I can't imagine Landry not having him, and I can't imagine how slow our lives would be without the need to chase him around. What a precious little chunky man I have! 

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