Thursday, October 11, 2012

Our Trip and such...

We are all still here! :) Micah and I made it back from our trip to VEGAS, and we had a great time. I missed the kids a lot, but we got to relax and enjoy our time together...much needed! 

I didn't take many pictures of our trip because we were busy running from one thing to the next, but I did get a few.
Our flight left at 9:15 PM our time and was about a 3 hour flight. We are normally the type that are in bed by 10:00, so we had to keep each other awake so that we could enjoy our time when we got there. We shared headphones and looked like total goobers on the flight, but it was fun. :)

We went out to fun dinners every night. It was fun to get to plan outfits that didn't revolve around how wrinkled I would be after picking up the kids! 

We ate lots and lots of good food while we were there! 

And then we came home....back to reality and these sweet little stinkers!
Collier has a runny nose, and his hair absolutely kills me! Those curls! Micah says I am NOT allowed to cut them. :) 

 Collier hasn't wanted to leave my side since we got back. Every time I walk out of the room, he thinks I'm going to leave again. The grandparents said they did really great while we were away. We did FaceTime phone calls a few times...that was fun for Landry, but tough for Collier to see us. 

So, we're back, and hopefully I will be back in the groove of blogging soon! 

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