Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Some weeks...

Some weeks are busy and crazy, but we love those weeks. I love to blog, but I really enjoy when we are just hopping from one thing to the next and I end up not having time. :) Kind of strange. 

I cleaned out my phone from the past few weeks, so here's your update! 
Some need descriptions, some don't. Enjoy!

Morning "prize" run. 
Coffee and doughnuts. :)

Tongues and headbands...

Collier carries his snuggle blanket around in his mouth everywhere! Found him in our closet playing with old toys. :) Precious baby!

Landry went to her first movie in the theater with her cousin Avery. We saw Cinderella, and all the girls dressed up like princesses. It was so fun for the girls, and I loved watching the movie again! 

Scrunchy of his new favorite things! 

Landry loves for me to dry her hair when we get out of the shower. I love these mommy/daughter times! 

My birthday was last week, and the family took me out for a chocolate mess...yum!

We find things to entertain ourselves at the doctor's office because we pretty much live there. 

Landry rubbed yogurt all over her body on an evening drive. This week, 3 of our 4 car seats have been disassembled and cleaned...out of major necessity. :)

We went to lunch with my mom at one of my favorite old diners. It has several deer, elk, etc. on the walls, and Landry was SO excited and wanted to send her daddy a picture! Collier loved the food. :)

Visiting Pepaw...

Picking out daddy's tie for work...

Homemade fall cupcakes. Perfection. 

Happy Fall Y'all! 

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  1. landry seriously just makes me laugh. love her!

    and now i'm going to have to go eat at neal's. thanks a lot :)