Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sweet Peas!

I decided before Landry was born that I was going to make her baby food. I LOVE to cook, so I figured that this would be just one more meal that I could prepare and feel proud of! :) It is really one of the easiest things ever, and it makes me feel good to not give her anything with preservatives in it yet.
I have been trying to feed Landry a few times a day to get her used to eating some yummy veggies. The newest thing she has tried is sweet peas, and she seems to love them! She has also had banana, avacado, butternut squash, and rice cereal. It is so fun to feed her and to watch her face when she tastes something for the first time!
Check out the sweet pictures below of our first experience with sweet peas:

Mixing up the peas in the food processor...

Yummy bright green peas in Landry's bowl...

Mommy...these are gooooood! :) See if you can find Landry's TWO new teeth on the bottom!

We sometimes get the food up her nose, but that is okay!

Mmmmm....getting full!

And, it is always fun to play with whatever is left!
I am so glad that Landry is a good eater. We haven't found anything that she doesn't like yet...probably going to be an eater like her mommy!

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