Saturday, March 27, 2010

Landry's Nursery and Pregnancy Update

Here are a few pictures of Landry's nursery so far. We still need to put the curtains up, but that I think that is the only thing left!

We love her sweet little nursery! It is small, but I think she will fit. :) It is so funny how much room we have taken up for such a small person! She is taking over!!

Pregnancy Update:
We had an appointment with our midwife today, and she said Landry is sitting really, really low. She was pretty surprised with us still being a few weeks away from our due date. We are not dialated yet, but she said that could happen pretty quickly.

Landry might be here sooner than we thought! We can't wait to see her sweet little face. I thank God every day for the precious time I have had to spend with her throughout the pregnancy...what a blessed time this has been! We are really looking forward to her getting here to officially join our family and meet her sweet daddy!

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